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There’s that feeling. The feeling that it’s not quite finished. That you could make it better. You spot an improvement that could be made; something that could be more efficient, a touch faster, just easier to use. We know that feeling. Because we get it too. And because we understand it, we give our people all the support and development to make the most of it – whether that’s through training on the languages that can help do jobs better, investment in technology to make things easier, or simply the opportunities to grow.

We’re always developing. You should be too.

So why not join us?

Our IB Technology Leadership Team is helping Barclays grow, helping to meet the industry’s future needs and demand. They believe in our vision, helping to develop our technology, our people, and the industry.

Learn more about what our leaders think about changes in the industry and what it’s really like to work at Barclays.


What can Barclays offer developers?

Traditionally working in a large organization, in theory, you're a small cog in a big wheel. We don't work like that. 


A good time to join Barclays 

A lot has changed in the Finance industry since I joined Barclays in 2009 - We’ve come a long way. But, the interesting thing is, we’re nowhere near the end of the story.


The growing influence of technologists

Every company will say that it’s an exciting time to join them. Finance and banking industry clients especially.


A developer’s view of Barclays

As someone who’s come from a developer background, worked at a Start Up and now manages developer teams for what you might call a big corporate, I guess I’ve seen both sides of the tech career world.


Experience loves the new

When I tell people I’ve been in this industry for 25 years, some people seem to think it would be difficult to retain your enthusiasm for what you do.

Keith Walters is a Senior Developer in Electronic Trading at Barclays. He’s worked across multiple projects, in New York and London. Here’s what he thinks about Investment Bank Technology at Barclays:

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Our colleagues collaborate and innovate across the globe. Developing their skills, their careers, and industry leading solutions. We provide our colleagues with the environment, flexibility, and challenge they need to succeed at work. Find out more about Barclays Technology from our colleagues below. 

Barclays Firsts



Pingit was the first UK app to allow payments by mobile phone, using just a phone number. Our technology teams keep Pingit up to date. They collaborate using Agile methods to add new features and incorporate customer feedback.

Assisted service counters

Assisted Service Counters

We've simplified and automated routine banking transactions for our customers, saving them time while keeping their personal contact with branch staff.

Contactless cash

Contactless Cash

We were the first UK bank to enable customers to make more secure cash withdrawals by tapping their smartphone or contactless debit card at an ATM.

Barclays live

Barclays Live

Barclays Live keeps our colleagues and clients connected, offering everything from small-scale web apps and research content to analytic tools based on enterprise-level technology.

bPay worlds largest contactless payment


bPay is one of the world's first open-loop contactless payment devices, allowing people from the age of 12 to use wearables to pay quickly and easily from a pre-paid account.

Barclays net


Barclays.Net is a customisable online banking site for corporate clients. It's secure and efficient, saving time as well as offering full transparency.