Eric Anderson, the growing influence of technologists

Every company will say that it’s an exciting time to join them. Finance and banking industry clients especially. But in this sector, for people in technology, it’s easy to see why.

If you look at what's happened in investment banking and in the markets business over the last 15 years, it's going from technology being a nice to have – important but not critical – to where it’s part and parcel of what the traders do.

The pits are closed. The trading tunnels are gone. The number of trading jobs on Wall Street has gone down. The number of operations jobs have gone down. But the number of technology roles is increasing and so is their importance.

Everything happens electronically now. And our clients demand more. We've gone from clients caring about seconds of latency to milliseconds to nanoseconds. So now we've gotten to the point where the business work with us to define the technology that we need, we build it, then sell it to the client. Without that technology, we don't have a product, we don't have a business.

And at Barclays, we realise this. I’m a relatively new joiner, and when I was interviewed for this role, half of the people that I interviewed with were senior leaders on the business side. Everywhere you look there's a huge focus on technology, right through to senior leadership. And technologists have the opportunity, right now to make a huge impact.

There's not too many opportunities that you'll have in your career to say this is a point where you can join a business that's growing and make 100% impact on the top line revenue for that business. For me, in say two, three, four years from now, I’ll be saying “look at how much we've grown and look at the impact that my systems had on that growth.”

That's what gets me out of bed in the morning, that's what gets me coming to work, that's what gets me excited about working with my team and working with other people at Barclays.