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If you're thinking about moving forward in your career, you should think about joining Barclays. Everything we do here starts and ends with helping people move forward in their lives

From helping people move forward in the digital age through Digital Eagles, to getting them started in their first home with one of our mortgages. From helping them realise their business dreams through to supporting young people as they make their first, sure move into the adult world through Life Skills. Whatever the future holds, we want to be there for our customers every step of the way.

Our attitude, our shared characteristics, our focus and our determination should make us the first and lasting choice for our customers. If you’re looking for a career full of excitement, challenge, purpose and opportunity, we should be your first choice. Find out how we could help you move forward with your career.


Help our customers with their everyday banking needs.

From our branches to our contact centres and online services, you’ll be at the front lines of our business shaping the customer experience.

  • In the Barclays Community Banking team, we know how important it is to reflect the communities we serve. Our customers really value meeting people who understand their lives, and where finances fit into them. Many colleagues don’t come from a finance background, and like our customers they know that it’s not just about the numbers. Most importantly, they know what it feels like to deal with someone with real-life experience, who can relate to their needs.

    We want to bring you closer to the customers, so you’ll be spending the majority of your time with them, not behind a desk. That’s why we have introduced new technology like our Assisted Service Counters, in order to free our colleagues up to help our customers with more complex queries and more importantly, to build relationships with them.

    Tablets in every branch will be available to help you perform tasks quickly and accurately. In fact, we want you to share your enthusiasm for all things digital, advising customers on how our apps and online services can make their lives easier.

    Our Community Banking training is accredited by the London Institute of Banking and Finance, so you can be sure you’ll be well prepared for any challenge. Above all else, however, it will be the passion you bring that will make our customers’ experience exceptional.

  • One in ten UK mortgages is a Barclay’s mortgage. So, there are a lot of people out there – around 1.5m, in fact – relying on us to do our best for them. That’s why we put the customer at the heart of everything we do. We have been innovating for over 325 years and we continue to hold this reputation within the industry for our products, propositions and digital solutions. Our mortgage product range is no exception, where our teams are passionate about working together to create a truly seamless experience for our customers.

    We are driven in accelerating our digital capabilities – from putting customers in control with our industry leading mobile servicing to streamlining the overall mortgage journey with a suite of newly improved calculators and sleek online rate switching tools. We take pride and personal accountability in providing solutions that have a real impact on our customer’s lives.

    With this in mind, it’s no surprise that we’ve won the What Mortgage ‘Best Digital Lender’ award two years running. And all this great innovation can only mean one thing – more time for our advisors to focus on helping each and every one of their customers reach their home buying goals.

    If you’re passionate about helping customers, then why not help them in achieving one of life’s biggest ambitions – owning their own home? All while gaining a professional qualification and taking your career onto the next level as part of the mortgage family.

  • There’s a huge difference between simply doing your job and going above and beyond. Providing great customer service is about being able to pick up on the small details that help you understand people and their needs. In return, you’ll be rewarded with a career where you’re listened to, and given every opportunity to progress.

    Our contact centres are fantastic environments that feature everything from coffee shops to gyms. Roles range from team leader and customer service advisor to personal banker and premier banker, and involve handling queries, leading a busy team, providing the insight we use to improve how people experience our brand, or supporting our operations. You could be speaking to customers over the phone, via Skype, instant messaging platforms, or even on a video call. And with locations across the UK, there’s bound to be a location that suits you.


Nurture the lifeblood or our economy and support the growth of UK businesses.

Barclays help a whole range of real-life businesses get off the ground, and each one is different. Get under the skin of a business and build relationships by understanding how it operates and what it needs to grow.

  • If you have a passion for helping businesses grow, then you’re in the right place. From plumbers to farmers, hotels to high-tech firms, every client is unique. Understanding how a business operates and what it needs to succeed requires you to really get under its skin. Which means getting out there and talking to your clients, understanding their passions and making them your own. 

    We recruit candidates from a diverse range of sectors and backgrounds. The only prerequisites are a flair for building client relationships and the confidence to try new things. In return, we’ll give you the business training and digital know-how to forge a rewarding career.

High-Net-Worth Clients

Offer a bespoke service. Manage key relationships. Solve interesting challenges.

Managing our premier customers comes with plenty of interesting challenges and rewarding relationships to help build your career. Bring us your personality and initiative, and we’ll show you how far you can go.

  • Listening, understanding and offering solutions is and has always been the Barclays’ way. This is especially true in Premier where our resilience and passion drives us to go the extra mile for our clients, to help them achieve their ambitions.

    Our professional contact centre Premier teams are delivering on our promise to always be there for our customers, all with a caring attitude that people can’t help but notice. That’s why when it comes to this area of our business we’re really looking for helpful and ambitious problem-solvers who will put the client’s needs first.

    We want to provide our Premier account holders with the assurance and comfort of knowing that we really understand their individual circumstances, and that our team are going above and beyond to meet their needs. Whatever the challenge, our Premier colleagues bring unique perspectives, experiences and skills which inspire and reassure in equal measure.

    So, if you’re the kind of positive, optimistic person who’s unfazed by life’s little challenges – helpful, caring and happy to go the extra mile for others, don’t keep it to yourself.  Come and share what makes you, you.

  • Wealth at Barclays is where opportunities are made. We take special care to understand our client’s ambitions, so that they can become ours. With over 325 years of banking expertise we have the knowledge and connections to deliver on your goals. Actively putting all our skills to work so our clients can manage, protect and grow their wealth in a way that works for them.

    Traditional, human ways of doing business with clients will always be at the heart of how Wealth operates, but we’re committed to innovation too. That’s why we’re building a unique suite of digital tools that will complement and enhance our tried and tested methods.

    Our advanced approach means we’re looking for forward-looking people with an advanced set of skills. Agile, curious, digitally savvy people who can absorb new techniques and use them adeptly. But they also need the networking and relationship-building skills that will always be a vital part of how we work. This combination will create a better, smarter experience for our colleagues, clients and customers.

Digital & Innovation

Becoming leaders in Digital Banking

At Barclays, digital banking is about delivering the most intuitive and innovative solutions out there. That doesn’t just happen by responding quickly to changes in the marketplace; it happens by anticipating them.

  • Our customers and the world we live in are changing rapidly and we want to lead these changes rather than simply responding to them. We think creatively about new services, new products and new ways of delivering existing products and services from innovative payment systems to digital firsts in mobile banking. And our collaborative approach means we can share knowledge, platforms, skills and responsibility like never before, and we’ve created an environment where ideas are encouraged, celebrated and brought to life. Ours is a banking environment where innovation is part of the everyday.

    We want to be the leaders in digital banking, delivering the most intuitive and innovative solutions out there. That doesn’t just happen by responding quickly to changes in the marketplace; it happens by anticipating them. Essentially, we look to intelligently apply data to communicate with our customers in a way that’s well timed, relevant and personal.

    As part of our Digital and Commercial Performance team, you’ll create a revolutionary and intelligent multi-channel digital eco-system that will give all our customers a memorable experience every time they interact with us. You’ll work to understand their needs, deepen our relationships and positively influence their lives. With your vision and dedication, we’ll be able to offer a level of digital banking our device-loving customers never imagined possible.

    If you’re looking to shape the future of banking and create the digital solutions that make a real impact on people’s lives – and our business – join the new digital revolution at Barclays today.

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Barclays UK locations

Careers by Barclays structure

With such a large global presence, how do you choose where in our organisation you'd like to work? The links below give you an overview of the structure and functions within Barclays, so you can find the best fit for your career aspirations.

Barclays UK

Join our personal and business banking franchise, built around our customers’ and clients’ needs, with innovation at its core. It comprises our UK retail banking operations, mortgages, UK consumer credit cards business, our UK-based Wealth offering and Business Banking for smaller businesses.

Barclays International

Join our innovative businesses in delivering market leading consultation and services to our clients and stakeholders within Barclays International (BI). BI is comprised of our Corporate and Investment Bank, Barclaycard International, which includes our Payments and Merchant Acquiring services, as well as the Wealth business inclusive of our Private Bank and Overseas Services.


Serving 30 million customers across seven markets with a range of products that have been breaking the mould since 1966.


Work with the innovative products and services we're developing to support growth in this exciting market.

Operations and Technology

Collaborate internally and externally to design and implement solutions that meet the needs of our customers, clients and colleagues.

Group Functions

Create the technology, control and structure that make us a market leader with a role in technology, organisational governance or enabling functions. 

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