Organisational governance

Join one of the teams that take care of our people and help us manage risk

We're a global organisation, employing over 135,000 people and serving 48 million customers. Our organisational governance people support us, working across many different disciplines, from helping us hire the right people to meet our aims to advising senior leaders on changes we need to make to protect against risk.

Job areas

  • Compliance Compliance

    Work with internal and external stakeholders to advise on issues that affect our business.

    What we do

    The compliance team oversees the regulated activities that Barclays undertakes. They’re responsible for setting out regulatory policies, keeping senior management informed about regulatory issues and monitoring conformance reviews.

    The team includes experts in three main disciplines: regulatory compliance (including privacy and large shareholdings); anti-money laundering, sanctions, anti-bribery and corruption; and operations.

    Why join us?

    Compliance is a critical part of our business: changes to economic conditions and regulatory requirements make our compliance department a busy place. Many of our compliance team members work with senior business leaders, helping to keep Barclays up to date with the latest thinking on control and regulation.

    As a compliance professional, you could be working on the latest developments, contributing your talent to our team.

  • Legal Legal

  • Risk Risk

    Help senior management make informed decisions, taking all implications into account

    What we do

    Our risk teams protect our financial performance and reputation. Our team members have advanced technical skills across a broad range of disciplines, tackling issues from economic conditions to financial crime. They advise Barclays’ business leaders, helping them make decisions. 

    Why join us?

    Because risk management is so important to Barclays, we’re a highly visible team. During the recent economic downturn, we’ve been an essential part of keeping Barclays resilient.

  • Internal Audit Internal Audit

    Contribute to a strong governance and control environment

    What we do

    Barclays' internal audit team (BIA) assesses how effectively risks are being controlled, reports any issues it identifies, and advises the business on risk management.

    We share lessons learned and help management to make positive changes to business processes and the way they are controlled.

    What it’s like to work with us

    The BIA team is spread around the world, covering all businesses areas and functions. We work alongside some of the most senior and influential people at Barclays. We have subject matter experts who provide specialist support to all our auditors around the world, and our employees are encouraged to communicate and share their knowledge.

    To join us, you’ll need excellent analytical and communication skills, deep knowledge of the business and detailed technical knowledge. We’ll give you a learning and development plan that will help you reach your true potential through both training courses and professional qualifications.

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