Research, insight and strategy

Research, insight and strategy

Be part of one of the teams that shape our future with bright ideas and in-depth research

Work on the pioneering ideas that have made us a global success with a role in research, insight and strategy. From researching and organising mergers and acquisitions with the corporate team to developing new products and services with the propositions and transformations team, you'll get the chance to demonstrate your existing talents and hone new skills.

Job areas

  • Support Barclays’ plans for global growth

    We’re based in London and work with some of Barclays’ most senior leaders, but have a truly global remit. We often travel to analyse and negotiate deals, getting a broad perspective on the entire organisation.

    What we do

    Our corporate development team works on mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances and joint ventures. We look for new opportunities, make deals and keep these processes compliant with regulation.

    Why join us?

    From induction to formal training, you’ll enjoy a seamless start and plenty of opportunities to develop your skills. You’ll work in a fast-paced environment with regular contact with senior leaders, and be part of a dynamic, inspiring team.

  • Providing innovative and analytical thinking

    Our data insights team is the ideas factory that gives us an in-depth understanding of the factors that affect the world’s financial markets and economies. Their role is to react quickly to market movements and keep us supplied with the most up-to-date information, helping us plan ahead and reduce risk.

    Why join us?

    You’ll use your ability to carry out the fast and thorough analyses and succinct summaries that make a real impact on our business and our clients.

  • Help us connect with our customers and understand their needs

    Our marketing teams work on everything from marketing communications and customer research to brand management. They design campaigns to appeal to a wide variety of audiences – from personal customers to large corporate clients. 

    Why join us?

    As well as working for a well-known brand with a global reach, you could show off your bright ideas by working with many different products. We’ll offer you plenty of opportunities to develop your creativity with marketing training both in the classroom and online.

  • Create exciting products and services

    Our propositions and transformations team comes up with the bright ideas that help us build on our history of innovation. We’re recognised across the industry for innovative products such as contactless technology and mobile banking.

    Why join us?

    We have 37 million customers across the world, making the work of our products and services teams highly visible. You’ll get to be part of the process of bringing them new products and services, working in a team that is responsible for anything and everything from the initial idea, to the development process, to testing and final approval.

  • Create action from ideas

    Our strategy team uses its industry knowledge and creativity to turn our business ideas into tangible plans. 

    Why join us?

    You could be part of a team that works on high-profile projects across the business, collaborating with senior stakeholders across different departments.

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