Our careers programmes

Our careers programmes

Here at Barclays we have a number of programmes that offer a breadth of experience and opportunities to a wide range of ages and backgrounds. Here are some we are particularly proud of:

Opportunities at any stage in your career



We offer both Foundation and Higher Apprenticeship opportunities. Build a trailblazing career at Barclays where you can work in a fulfilling role, earn a salary, gain new experiences, benefit from our training and a wide range of qualifications including degrees (Higher Apprenticeship) depending on the programme you join. 


Undergraduate and Graduate Opportunities

If you are currently studying towards a degree, we have a number of award winning programmes available to you; including diversity focused Insight events, Summer Internships and Full Time Graduate Positions. Whether it’s working on global deals that transform businesses, shaping the future of our business, or coming up with the next groundbreaking innovation – you’ll find this an inspiring place to build a career.


Return to work

Encore!, one of Barclays’ flagship diversity and citizenship programmes, helps individuals who have taken a career break prepare to reenter the workforce. Barclays values diversity of experience and perspective among its talent and views Encore! as a way to achieve this.



Alumni starts from the moment you join us, or as we like to say "once a colleague, always a colleague". The Barclays Global Alumni Programme helps individuals to stay connected to Barclays and to other Alumni.

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Work Experience

Work experience at Barclays provides a practical and inspiring insight into the world of work and empowers individuals to make to make an informed choice about their next career steps.

AFTER programme
AFTER Programme

(Armed Forces Transition, Employment & Resettlement Programme) We know that ex-military and Armed Forces members have outstanding experience, skills and values and Barclays supports thousands of servicemen and women with their transition into civilian employment. Explore our exciting range of career opportunities within a supportive and dynamic environment.

Community initiatives

Barclays LifeSkills workshop


LifeSkills created with Barclays aims to help all people in the UK, whether that’s a young person developing skills and preparing for their first job, to someone wanting to progress in their career, make changes to their working life or even start their own business.

We are passionate about helping to give opportunities to those who may need additional support regardless of their background or circumstances and help them to move forward by tackling some of the barriers they face getting into and staying in work.  


Digital Eagles

Launched in 2013, Digital Eagles provide education and open source content that empowers communities to become digitally savvy, while staying safe online. The goal is to become “the most tech savvy workforce in UK retail.” Members of digital eagles help colleagues, customers and the communities in which we work to make the most of Barclays’ digital products and to stay safe in the digital world through initiatives such as Tea and Teach, DigiSafe, Digital Immersion. The Digital Eagles US team has even partnered with our Risk Finance and Treasury (RFT) Technology team to launch a new program that teaches children to program robot cars.


Code Playground

The future of the UK economy depends on the young people of today being equipped with everything they need to thrive in the world of tomorrow. The pace of development is so fast that many of the jobs young people will do in the future haven’t even been invented yet. Code Playground events are free coding workshops that help young people develop the skills they need to thrive by unlocking their potential to achieve their ambitions in the future. In 2019, Code Playground also supported schools and teachers across the country with their coding lessons, as well as ran a series of Code Playground live sessions, which were streamed, into schools and homes across the country.