After Programme

Opportunities for veterans

Barclays supports thousands of Servicemen and women with their transition into employment after serving in the Armed Forces

Every year, through the AFTER programme, Barclays supports thousands of Servicemen and women with their transition into civilian employment after serving in the Armed Forces, and aims to highlight the economic value these highly skilled individuals can bring to the corporate world.

Established in 2010, Barclays AFTER helps to address the issues faced by ex, as well as current Service personnel – regardless of rank, Service or circumstance – in their transition, by providing work placements, direct employment opportunities, CV and interview coaching, and money management sessions, as well as millions in funding for education and vocational courses for Service Leavers through Service charity partnerships.

In addition to employability support, through AFTER, Barclays offers a number of bespoke banking services which help to make banking easier for the wider Armed Forces and veterans’ community.

Our AFTER people

To see how the AFTER Programme has helped some individuals, take a look at our people's stories.

  • Tim Kemp

    Tim Kemp

    Tim joined the Navy when he was 20, where he qualified as an helicopter engineer. He was deployed across the Middle East, and left in August 2014. He joined Barclays shortly thereafter and became one of the first service leavers to join the Barclays Degree Programme, which offers a fast track into leadership and a sponsored university education.

  • Will Dixon
    Will Dixon

    Will Dixon

    While serving as a Platoon Commander in Afghanistan in September 2009, Will’s vehicle struck a roadside bomb, which resulted in a number of injuries and below-knee amputation of his left leg. Will became the first service person to join Barclays on a work placement and played a key role in the development of the AFTER programme. He went on to join Barclays full-time, holding roles in the Group CEO’s Chief of Staff Office and the Retail business area.

  • Will Smethurst
    Will Smethurst

    Will Smethurst

    Will was injured in an IED blast whilst serving as a Troop Commander in Afghanistan in 2012 and spent the next 18 months recovering from his injuries in Headley Court. Whilst there, he secured an AFTER placement and joined Barclays in December 2013 in the Chief of Staff’s team in Wealth.

    Whilst he was on his placement, he got the opportunity to network around the business and get invaluable first-hand experience of financial services. Subsequently, he interviewed for and successfully secured a role as a Business Analyst in Barclays WIM, where he is responsible for delivering large transformation change products within Wealth.

  • John Chantry

    John Chantry

    John served in The Scots Dragoon Guards, signing up in 1989 and retiring after a full career as Regimental Sergeant Major. During this time, he saw operational experience in Iraq (both deployments), Bosnia and Afghanistan.

    John left the army earlier this year, determined to begin a second career in financial services and to dispel the myth that banking is not for all ranks and services. He joined Barclays in June 2015 as a Vice President Project Manager in IB Change. He recognises that Barclays’ cultural attitude towards ex-military is second-to-none and that has made his transition into civilian employment a very positive one.

  • Phillip Simpson
    Philip Simpson

    Phillip Simpson

    Philip joined 4PARA in 1996 as a Full Time Reservist (FTRS) and deployed on two operational tours of Iraq and four of Afghanistan, before leaving his FTRS role as a Sergeant in 2014. Initially undecided on a future career, Phillip found out about AFTER at a networking event and through the programme identified that a career in financial services would be suitable due to the diverse nature of roles available.

    Philip joined Barclays as a Project Manager in the Engineering, Environment & Facilities team in 2015, whilst continuing his service with 4PARA. Barclays promotes Reserve service amongst its employees and recognises the benefits of it to the individual, the business and the country.

  • Dan Ireton
    Dan Ireton

    Dan Ireton

    Dan joined the Royal Engineers in 2002 and served for 13 years with the Explosive Ordnance Department, deploying on multiple tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. Due to injuries sustained, Dan was medically discharged as a Corporal in August 2015, however prior to this, he spent four months working on a project looking at how we can extend the work and support of AFTER to reach a greater number of veterans.

    Through the experience Dan gained with Barclays, he secured a role as a Project Manager with service charity Walking With The Wounded and has now been seconded back to Barclays to continue working on the VETS programme.

Further support and related programmes

Barclays Military Talent Scheme 2019

In partnership with the Barclays Armed Forces Transition, Employment Resettlement (AFTER) Programme

The Barclays Military Talent Scheme (formerly known as the Barclays Military Internship) will run from Monday 2nd September 2019 to Friday 22nd November 2019.  It is open to any Service Leaver – regardless of service, rank or experience, who is in their resettlement period for the duration of the internship. 

About Barclays

Barclays is a transatlantic consumer and wholesale bank offering products and services across personal, corporate and investment banking, credit cards and wealth management, with a strong presence in our two home markets of the UK and the US.

With over 325 years of history and expertise in banking, Barclays operates in over 40 countries and employs 83,500 people. Barclays moves, lends, invests and protects money for customers and clients worldwide.

Barclays values your expertise and skill set

At Barclays, we recognise that Service personnel have outstanding experience, transferable skills and core Values that can add significant value to the commercial sector.  From leadership skills to strategic thinking and problem solving, the strengths displayed by Service Leavers and Veterans are highly transferable into Financial Services. 

About the Barclays Military Talent Scheme

The Military Talent Scheme commences on Monday 2nd September 2019, and runs for 10 – 12 weeks (exact duration will be confirmed on a case by case basis) and is open to any Service Leaver able to complete the placement whilst in the period of their Resettlement.  As the placements are for those still in Service, they are unpaid and all costs are to be incurred as part of the individual’s Resettlement process.

  • Placements are available across Barclays business areas with locations spread across the UK
  • Depending on past experience, transferable skills and the applicant’s interests, you will be matched to an  appropriate placement. This will be discussed and agreed during the application stages and subsequent interviews
  • We invest in the development of our colleagues to make sure we have the most dedicated and driven people in the market.  This opportunity could be a stepping stone to a future career in Barclays.  The 2018 Military Talent Scheme saw a successful conversion rate in excess of 90% into full-time postions
  • No prior experience of the Financial Service sector  is expected or required. We are looking for candidates with real potential. We aim to provide you with a platform on which to hone your skills and abilities.

The Military Talent Scheme aims to support the transition in to the civilian workplace, by providing the following:

  • Corporate acumen: Participants will broaden their knowledge of the Financial Services industry and develop an understanding of the corporate environment
  • In-depth experience: Participants will have the opportunity to leverage their skills and gain sector experience by undertaking a role as part of a permanent team
  • Networking: Participants will attend speaker sessions hosted by senior leaders across the bank, have the opportunity to ‘shadow’ key business people and also attend regular networking events 
  • Mentors: Participants will each be assigned a mentor to support them throughout their placement, commencing directly after acceptance on to the programme
  • Setting up for success: Participants will attend CV and interview skills workshops and will be guided through the internal job board – and given full access – to understand how their skills align to open roles

Application Process

The Barclay Military Talent Programme will run from 2nd September 2019 to 22nd November 2019  (there may be some flex in these dates to accommodate resettlement courses, leave, etc)

To apply for the programme, you will be required to submit a CV and covering letter. Please note that we will not accept applications without a covering letter.  Your letter should include:

  • Your motivation for applying for the programme and what you hope to get from it
  • Preferred geographical location
  • Your EOT date (last paid day)
  • Preferred business area and career interests
  • Your availability to attend for interview week commencing 8th July  2019

Applications should be submitted to CTP, via Right Job number N265574 no later than 0900 on Monday 17th June 2019

Interviews will be conducted week commencing 8th July  2019.

Change Management Workshop

This is an opportunity to gain an insight into the change delivery process within Barclays, the variety of roles available within change and understand how your military skills translate in to these roles. You will also have the opportunity to discuss what senior leaders look for when recruiting and the chance to review and update your CV. This workshop is relevant for Service Leavers and Veterans interested in understanding more about roles in Change and Project Management at Barclays.

The following workshops are currently available: 20th June 2019, Barclays Head Office, London

To register your interest, please e-mail AFTERProgramme@barclayscorp.com

Military Women Careers Event – 25th June 2019

London Barclays AFTER team (Armed Forces Transition, Employment and Resettlement team), in conjunction with Win, Barclays’ gender network, invite you to join us for a Military Women Careers Event. We'd like to share our experience of working at Barclays and inspire you to think about your own career journey.

We are proud of our ongoing gender diversity initiatives and specific initiatives that support Service Leavers and Veterans. There will be an opportunity for conversations with members of Win, Barclays’ gender network, and to hear from ex-military colleagues about their transition into civilian employment.

This event is open to serving women leaving the military and those who have already left, regardless of rank and Service. If you don't want to come along by yourself, please feel free to extend the invitation to a military colleague or fellow veteran and ask them to register to secure a ticket. 

Register for the event