AFTER programme - assisting veteran

The route in

There are a number of ways service leavers and veterans can apply for roles within Barclays

Are we right for each other?


An initial meeting will allow us to work with you to identify the right path and is an opportunity to be open and honest about your expectations and the possible roles that may be suitable for you.

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Finding a role

There are a number of ways service leavers and veterans can apply for roles within Barclays

  • Careers

    For all current job vacancies across Barclays Group, please visit our Careers page or download our jobs app. When applying for any role please email the AFTER Team and include the job title and your requisition number.

    Email the AFTER team

  • Career Transition Partnership

    A variety of roles targeting ex-military are listed on the Career Transition Partnership Barclays microsite. Those with a login can view and apply for these roles directly on the site. Again when applying send an email to the AFTER Team and include the job title and requisition number.

  • Before you apply

    Think about what you want to achieve from your new career. Develop existing skills? Acquire new technical skills? Leadership and team management? Travel opportunities or fixed location?

    Bear in mind, corporate careers can be less structured than the military. However, Barclays values itself as a meritocracy and will support you in taking your career in the direction you want.

    Ace the interview (PDF 410KB)

The interview process


Barclays conducts biographical and capability interviews which are tailored to the role for which you are applying. 

The biographical interview is a run through of your CV and life choices to date in an effort to find out about you as a person; what drives you and why you made the career choices that you have made so far. 

The capability interviews cover topics including (but not exhaustive) commercial skills, technical skills (role specific), leadership and management, decision-making, service excellence and planning.

The key to success is identifying the transferable skills you have built thus far and ensuring you can articulate why you are applying for that specific role. For more information and advice, or dates for our CV and Interview workshops please email the AFTER team.

AFTER Top Tips (PDF 101KB)

Your career


Barclays is focused on helping people to achieve their ambitions, and the AFTER programme is a great example of this. Through AFTER, ex-military personnel can benefit from a range of support in their transition to civilian employment. The programme provides work placements, direct employment opportunities, CV and interview coaching, and money management sessions, as well as funding for education and vocational courses for Service Leavers through charity partners.

As a successful candidate, Barclays and the AFTER Programme will create a development plan with you to help you progress in your career. You own it and we will help you achieve your goals.

The Barclays Military Network is active across the business and supports veterans as they settle into their new career.

Barclays corporate grading translated

BA = Business Analyst which is usually entry level up to 5 years experience

AVP = Assistant Vice President which is usually 3 to 6 years experience

VP = Vice President which is usually 5 to 10 years experience

D = Director which usually requires more than 10 years experience with wide exposure to other sectors

Please note that Barclays values itself as a meritocracy and so these are guidelines and previous life and job experiences, age and perceived ability will be taken into account when applying for roles externally. Please email the AFTER team for more information and advice.