Creating the best experiences for customers with disabilities

Marissa Woodbeck

Our colleagues drive innovation and change daily. Impacting the way we serve our customers and how we work together as colleagues. But success is not just about what you achieve, it’s about how you achieve it. Our Chief Operating Office (COO) recognises the value our colleagues bring, not just to their roles, but our culture and values. COO have recognised a number of exceptional women who have made a difference within Barclays, the industry, and the wider community through their impact and passion for change.

From the start of Marissa Woodbeck’s career at Barclays, she has strived to make the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) a focus of business decisions and discussions. As Barclays looks to expand their products and services, her contribution has created an environment where all customers’ needs and abilities are taken into consideration. Marissa believes that this is what makes Barclays successful.

Marissa’s line manager speaks about how she is a role model within the team: “Marissa’s attitude is contagious. Every day, she feels empowered to render the best decision and provide the best direction to all with whom she encounters. […] She has conducted many focus groups, and has quickly become a key resource with care, credit and fraud. I have had numerous calls from many key contacts just to give praise and recognition of Marissa.”

We caught up with Marissa about her work at Barclays

Tell us a bit about your career at Barclays

I started my career at Barclays in January 2018, after working in non-profit and government roles, focusing on compliance for the ADA. The newly created role as ADA Accessibility Coordinator for Barclays has allowed me to incorporate and strengthen the ADA presence into every business area and decision. This mission ensures we're not only compliant with ADA but we're providing the best experience for our customers with disabilities.

What do you feel has been your biggest achievement/proudest moment during your time at Barclays?

In my short time at Barclays, I have had the privilege to experience several achievements that have filled me with pride. These include having projects funded, to successfully providing support to various areas of the business, as they navigate the world of ADA.

A significant moment would be when I was contacted by an agent who seeked assistance to complete a task for a customer who was limited in speech due to a stroke, and who didn’t use a hearing device. Utilising my experience with the speech and hearing impaired community, I was able to set up his wife as his third party accessibility companion, allowing her to assist him with his business transactions.

To me, providing the best experiences for customers with disabilities are the moments I strive for. It's a personal mission that these moments continue to occur and be a source of pride for not only myself but Barclays.

Could you share a success story that illustrates how you are bringing the COO values to life?

During my time at Barclays I have been proactively working to enhance our customer journey. I recently had a project approved that will improve our Barclays website, by incorporating customer friendly language and instructions to provide the best experience, whilst utilising a screen reader. Along with the website changes, the project also funds the purchase of screen reader software, so we can encounter first-hand what our customers with visual impairments experience. This example represents customer obsession, demonstrating that we always put our customers at the centre of our decisions and what we do as a business. We work to understand our customers’ needs and continually enhance their experiences and customer journey.

Could you tell us how the business area you are part of is delivering value to customers, clients and Barclays as a whole?

My role as ADA Accessibility Coordinator, fits into the Servicing / Contact Centre TC. We are proactively working to connect customers and colleagues by continually enhancing the service and experience we provide through intelligent and smart technology. I work to improve policies and procedures to support our contact centre agents, so that we can collectively create better awareness and experiences for our customers. By consistently developing and driving positive changes into our processes, we help to deliver value to our customers and clients, and to Barclays as a whole.

Is there a woman who has particularly inspired you? If so who and why?

From Michelle Obama to Maya Angelou, I have found my inspiration in women that are strong advocates and trailblazers. Although the woman who has truly inspired me the most would have to be my mother.

My mother was an executive in the insurance industry but still was able to balance the pressures of work with the demands of motherhood and created an environment that made me the woman I am today. As a wife and mother of twins, every day I rely on lessons learned from my mother. These lessons help me to create a life balance while advocating for others.