Delivering great customer outcomes to corporate customers

Charlotte King

Our colleagues drive innovation and change daily. Impacting the way we serve our customers and how we work together as colleagues. But success is not just about what you achieve, it’s about how you achieve it. Our Chief Operating Office (COO) recognises the value our colleagues bring, not just to their roles, but our culture and values. COO have recognised a number of exceptional women who have made a difference within Barclays, the industry, and the wider community through their impact and passion for change.

Since joining Barclays as a Personal Assistant in 2010, Charlotte has progressed into multiple Team Leader positions. She currently leads a team of 14 people within Payments and Banking, who are responsible for the preparation and processing of up to £70 billion of incoming and outgoing manual payments each month.

Charlotte’s line manager, Tracy Law, recognises her exceptional work: “Charlotte is a consummate professional and a driven and focussed individual who has forged strong working relationships with partners and stakeholders across the bank, liaising in the right way to get a positive outcome. Charlotte aligns her own effort towards accomplishing the team and business goals, promotes a strong team dynamic and remains an advocate for reward and recognition, actively celebrating and promoting success across the team.”

Caroline Lane, Portfolio Manager in Barclays International, caught up with Charlotte to find out more about her time at Barclays:

What do you feel has been your biggest achievement/proudest moment during your time at Barclays?

My proudest moment has to be receiving a Citizenship Award last year for the work that I have done with the Prince’s Trust. Since 2013, myself and the other winners have worked collaboratively to deliver CV and interview skills to Prince’s Trust teams across the UK, so it was an amazing feeling to have this work recognised.

Could you share a success story that illustrates how you are bringing the COO values to life?

The best example of how I have brought the COO values to life is how I contributed towards providing an improved service for customers when they pay off their corporate card balance.

With some of our customers experiencing issues with the length of time it was taking for payments to hit their accounts, my team were having to intervene and process the payments manually. On investigation, however, I found that it was the format that the payments were being sent in that was causing the payments to fail. So I worked with Relationship Managers and Account Servicing to help them develop a plan to educate their corporate customers.

I now provide Management Information on the top 5 customers and clients impacted on a monthly basis, and Barclaycard Payment Solutions (BPS) Account Servicing proactively contact these customers and educate them on the correct payment format to ensure that their payments are accepted by the system. This has made the lives of our customers much easier, as their corporate card payments are hitting their account within 2 hours, compared to the 3 days it took when they were manually applied.

How is the business area you are part of delivering value to customers, clients and Barclays as a whole?

My business area, Merchant Services, partners with Barclays International to provide new and seamless payment solutions for business customers. These solutions will be underpinned by technology and business processes that are simple, cost effective, automated and digital, and therefore directly help in delivering value to Barclays’ customers and clients.

Is there a woman who has particularly inspired you? If so, who and why?

I have worked with many women who I have found inspiring, but I would have to say that my mum has inspired me the most. She died when I was 25, but during the time she was around she taught me many life lessons, pushed me to achieve my best and most importantly, she believed in me. She taught me to focus on being the best version of myself rather than trying to be like or live up to other people. Even now, the thought of making her proud pushes me to achieve more. If I can inspire my daughter even half as much as my mum inspired me, then I will have accomplished my role as a mother.