How our colleagues shape Barclays on a global scale


Ann James, Director of Global Technology and Infrastructure

I’m the Head of Infrastructure, which has a 4,500-strong team. Recently, I was asked to do a video blog for them, and I used it as an opportunity to promote gender diversity and to share the exciting journey Barclays is on. I wanted to show people how they could help and participate. Barclays’ Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) agenda is the big picture for me at the moment. I’m head of the Women in Tech group at Radbroke, which is part of our D&I goal. That goal is the representation of women in senior positions within the bank. We also challenge any preconceptions people may have about working at a tech site – whether that’s gender, generational or the different types of roles on offer. We don’t want anyone to think that a tech career environment is a team of men sitting in a corner doing coding.

How much power does the Women in Tech group have to influence Barclays?
My focus has been Radbroke’s Women in Tech, but I also lead the Chief Controls Office Diversity and Inclusion agenda – which is a global effort. We’re building a forum of like-minded colleagues, both men and women, which is important. We’re also creating a pool of role models to share their career journey, or how they’ve built gender-diverse teams. One of those role models has just recruited someone who has just been on a maternity break and has never worked in financial services before. He looked at her transferable skills and made a bold move, and he’s very enthusiastic about what she can bring to the team. 

As a leader, what plans do you have for the future of Barclays?
There’s a general focus on personal wellbeing now, particularly here. It links well with our dynamic working options because we want people to be able to go the gym during the day or do the activities they need to stay healthy. We’re also going to make more of gender diversity – in particular Ada Lovelace Day, named after the first ever computer programmer. Every building on the Radbroke site is named after a different tech legend – like Ada Lovelace, Charles Babbage and Alan Turing – and we want to bring this to life for people as well.

I believe that it doesn’t matter where you’re located, because everyone can support this agenda. I want people to follow us on social media, and then like, comment and share. It’s a way to spread the word and inspire people in your own social media networks. I’d welcome it if people outside Barclays wanted to become role models as well. We want to hear thoughts about what we should do going forward. In fact, being passionate about your role and sharing your ideas are key to a successful career here.