Making an impact in the community


Ann Campbell

Our colleagues drive innovation and change daily. Impacting the way we serve our customers and how we work together as colleagues. But success is not just about what you achieve, it’s about how you achieve it. Our Chief Operating Office (COO) recognises the value our colleagues bring, not just to their roles, but our culture and values. COO have recognised a number of exceptional women who have made a difference within Barclays, the industry, and the wider community through their impact and passion for change. Learn more about Ann Campbell and the impact she’s had on the local community.

Ann Campbell, Project Management Officer in BUK Technology, has demonstrated outstanding commitment to communities whilst at Barclays. In particular with her unwavering support of local schools in Govanhill, Glasgow.

Due to her dedication and passion for the causes she supports, Ann has been nominated for a Global citizenship award in the category of ‘Colleagues in the community’.

Supporting the local community

Ann began her involvement in community support in Govanhill at an initiative raised by a colleague to donate Christmas gifts to a local nursery. The journey began when the team were invited along to the nativity play and took their gifts along. It was during this meeting Ann was able to discuss with the Head Teacher some community support initiatives that Barclays were offering that could benefit the school.

Since then, Ann has frequently managed to mobilise teams from the Glasgow campus to support many underprivileged schools throughout the area, all of which face numerous challenges such as language barriers and access to funding. Working in technology, Ann cites a coding workshop ‘Code Playground’ run by Digital Eagles that she helps to facilitate as being one of the most successful. Ann explains “Children of all languages can get involved, since coding is a separate language that can be understood by children from all backgrounds.”

In the few short hours of this exercise, the children are able to learn new skills that enable them to develop and create a game, and understand the basics of coding, which they previously hadn’t been exposed to. “As a woman in Technology, it’s great to see we’re enabling the children to realise that this is gender neutral, anyone can try it”.

No age limit

The community involvement that Ann drives is for all schools within the area, be it Nursery, Primary or Secondary. Along with the more familiar Lifeskills classes that Barclays offer to Secondary students, volunteers also offer an ‘Access to money skills’, which is one element of Barclays Lifeskills that is aimed at primary school children and their parents. One of the driving forces behind such initiatives, is the hope that through the exposure of money management and coding classes at a young age, children from this area will be aware of the possibilities and consider a path of further education, and to also realise that Banking as an industry could provide these kind of opportunities.

In her interview below, Ann talks about a commonwealth games event that Barclays facilitated that she was fortunate enough to be part of.

Tell us a bit about your career at Barclays      

I joined Barclays in 2010 to support the Operations Change function here in Glasgow. Since then I have worked as Project Management Officer on direct delivery of projects and in the central Portfolio team for Wealth Technology. For the last three years, I’ve worked for the Wealth UK Platform Director Martin Blunden to ensure full support for delivery of his portfolio, most recently the Wealth Structural Reform Programme.

What do you feel has been your biggest achievement/proudest moment during your time at Barclays?

I was privileged to host a Commonwealth Games event in 2015 for one of the local primaries in Govanhill which we support, with funding from Barclays. This was an incredible opportunity to show our commitment to the local community and encapsulated our ability to harness the dedication and commitment of our volunteer base here in Glasgow. Govanhill is a very underprivileged area of Glasgow with a highly migrant population. This brings challenges for the teachers in communicating with parents. In 2012, I brought together the language needs from the schools and matched these to the language abilities of our colleague base to enable translation of key documentation, as well as audio-visual welcome presentations (as quite often the parents have no reading skills themselves). This was just one example of the hundreds of volunteers who have since contributed by giving Code Playground lessons, Moneyskills presentations, Make a Difference Days and our Secret Santa initiative which has so far donated gifts amounting to around £10,000 to some of the most needy children in our city.

What does Barclays’ commitment to Diversity and Inclusion mean to you?

It is such a fantastic opportunity which Barclays provides us, to be our whole selves at work, irrespective of our backgrounds. Specifically, I have been a member of the Embrace Network since I joined Barclays and have celebrated the many ethnicities of our colleagues, promoting equality and leading by example. I’m also a Spectrum Ally and proudly wear my rainbow lanyard daily!