Meet Natasha, Data Science and Platforms Engineer

My journey at Barclays began while I was still studying Computer Science at university. I completed a couple of internships in different areas of the bank, successfully securing a permanent Graduate Data Scientist position at the end.

I was able to produce a number of impressive insights from the large pool of data we have in the bank. I’ve since expanded my technical capabilities to help our clients and customers even further by advancing into a Platforms Engineer.

Having been interested in Technology from a young age, I’ve seen first-hand how girls were less encouraged to pursue a Tech career. Whilst at school, I wasn’t exposed to the opportunities available in Tech, and only found out about the incredible prospects that the industry offers whilst applying for university. I’ve since made it a personal mission of mine to encourage girls that are only just exploring career options to see Tech as a fulfilling and exciting choice.

Over the past year I ran a Digital Design workshop for 14-year-old girls, raised over £1,000 for a ‘girls in Tech’ charity, and volunteered as a mentor in the WomenGoTech Lithuania program. Apart from my own individual efforts, I’ve now partnered up with a number of senior men and women in the bank to build on the Women in Tech initiative at Barclays. We are now diligently working to increase the representation of women in Barclays Tech and change the face of Finance.

Barclays truly is an employer that believes in equal opportunities, and regardless of your rank, if you have a passion for change, your colleagues and the business will work with you to progress that. Apply today and help us change the face of finance.