My summer job at Barclays might be about to launch my post-grad career

My summer job at Barclays might be about to launch my post-grad career

By Michael Chapman

Right from the off, even at the interview stage, I really liked what I was hearing from the managers about working at Barclays. I’d just finished the first year of my Economics and Politics degree at the University of Leeds and saw Barclays as the perfect place to take up a summer job.

After being accepted into the role, I was only planning on staying with Barclays in between my first and second years - I assumed it would be too much to work and study simultaneously.

But when term-time started my manager said: “Just bring me your rota and we’ll work it out.”  We promptly sat down together, went through the possibilities and he really went out of his way to find an arrangement that suited both of our needs - to the extent that it even feels like Barclays are working around me.

I’ve still had to sit down myself and think it all through to ensure everything runs smoothly - good time management is key - but getting the balance right is more than possible and the rewards are great.

The advantages work both ways. Working in branch as an Essential Banker, it’s helpful to be able to absorb technical information quickly; there’s a lot I need to know about the different products and why things are priced in a particular way, or even just how things work. I feel like my studies thus far have bolstered my ability to cope with that aspect.

And vice versa, my job is certainly helping my degree. Lee recently organised university-related work experience for me with the Wealth and Investment Management teams at Barclays. As I progress, I’d like to move up to work in those areas, or on insurance underwriting political risk, so that’s valuable experience that’s really helping me from a career perspective.

Over at Albion Street we have a good team and everyone’s so accommodating. I feel extremely comfortable talking to my manager and asking to move shifts around.

For the time being, I’m planning on growing within Barclays. I definitely want to stay here and am especially excited about opportunities in Wealth or Investment, two areas that have really grown on me recently. But, just like my hours, I’m quite flexible about what I’m looking for.

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