Supporting rising talent at Barclays


Joanne Brower

Our colleagues drive innovation and change daily. Impacting the way we serve our customers and how we work together as colleagues. But success is not just about what you achieve, it’s about how you achieve it. Our Chief Operating Office (COO) recognises the value our colleagues bring, not just to their roles, but our culture and values. COO have recognised a number of exceptional women who have made a difference within Barclays, the industry, and the wider community through their impact and passion for change. Learn more about Jo Brower and how she has supported rising talent at Barclays.

As the Market Operations lead for Early Careers, Jo has encouraged the development of rising talent within her function and launched an intern programme for Market Operations in Glasgow.

A sponsor of our Female VP High Potential Americas programme – an initiative through which she supports a group of 6 VPs to deliver on a development project – Jo often sacrifices her time to ensure female colleagues are adequately equipped to succeed.

She is also a sponsor of a senior female colleague through Encore!, a Diversity and Inclusion initiative designed for individuals who have taken a career break and now wish to re-enter the workforce.

Jo extends this mind-set of empowering women to her own team by advocating and adopting flexible working schedules. This approach has made a significant difference to one high potential female Director on her team who, with Jo’s support, has excelled within Barclays whilst also managing childcare commitments at home. 

Leading the way for women in COO

A role model for mobility, Jo has been at Barclays for almost 10 years and has been in varied roles across Operations, predominantly within Middle Office in the Fixed Incomes and Currencies business areas, and also within Business Management and Markets Risk and Control. Currently in a newly created role, managing programme delivery for Markets, she has prepared a business case for Operational efficiency and is on track to issue target state architecture for Operations in partnership with Technology.

Leading the way for the new world-class campus, Jo recently moved to Whippany as an early adapter and has acted as spokesperson at town halls and panels promoting the site. 

We caught up with Jo to talk about her time at Barclays:

What do you feel has been your biggest achievement/proudest moment during your time at Barclays?

I don’t think I can pinpoint one. I have worked and continue to work with fabulous people, and through that collaboration and partnership, I have been part of considerable change, from the Lehman integration, clearing implementation, regulatory change, organisational re-alignments, system implementation and decommissioning, enabling business growth and market share – the list goes on.

I am also very grateful to work in an environment that has supported flexible working arrangements for me and my team to enable a work life balance as I juggle my career and family focus.

Is there a woman who has particularly inspired you? If so, who and why?

I have had some inspiring, supportive and incredible female sponsors and managers in my time at Barclays. My mother also continues to inspire me as a strong woman, who managed work and family and is a fabulous influence in my life.  

What does Barclays’ commitment to Diversity and Inclusion mean to you?

It embodies the values I strive for and look to enable within my global team. To deliver excellence through diverse minds and enable a collaborative engagement across teams and regions. This is also key to enabling people to enjoy their day to day activities within the work place, to retain key talent and develop and grow future leaders.