The best part of my role is the variety

The best part of my role is the variety

By Iain McMeechan

In 2013, largely for reasons to do with my health, I made the switch from being a Private Banker into my current role as Training & Competence Manager.

We are what’s known as a tier-one control function. Working within the Enterprise Risk Management framework, our role is essentially to help change the culture and perception of advisors. We help protect the client, company and colleagues by ensuring that all regulated investment advice through the Private Bank is suitable, clearly documented, and fairly executed.

I’m in a regional role, covering our four offices across Scotland and Northern Ireland.  At the moment I am spending quite a bit of time in Belfast, but my day can vary considerably. Typically, I might be involved in sitting in on client meetings, auditing cases to ensure that bankers give suitable high-quality advice, providing side-by-side or group training to address specific coaching needs, updating bankers’ T&C records, providing specific project support or generally dealing with ad-hoc queries.

Given my disability status – in 2012 I was diagnosed with advanced stage Crohn’s disease – this is in many ways an ideal role for me, as it combines the opportunity to use my existing skills and training with the flexibility and autonomy to work around my condition. It also allows me to apply my technical mind-set to the challenge of solving some of the company’s larger issues, which is naturally very stimulating.

This role was actually a promotion for me to a senior level. Barclays’ supervisor and coaching training has been invaluable, and the local management team has helped me adjust into a more managerial position.  It was challenging, but that was one of the things that attracted me to the role.

I would recommend this job to anyone who is technically minded, has a strong drive to improve standards and procedures, and has the relevant advisor qualifications and experience. To be effective, you need good knowledge of the investment advice industry, coupled with the ability to multi-task and self-manage, as well as an approachable personality, strong communication and diplomacy skills. Aside from that, there’s no one particular background you need to come from – the team’s currently a mix of ex-advisors and people from a training and development background, which means we have a diverse skills base.

The banking sector itself is hugely diverse – there are roles to suit most personalities and aptitudes, from creative to technical and everything in between. Across different functions and locations, there is a huge breadth of career opportunities and avenues to choose from.

Barclays has a strong commitment to their core values; respect, integrity, services, excellence and stewardship. Ideally, we’re looking to recruit more candidates who themselves embody and relate to these values.

We’re serious about creating a successful business model that is based on trust, values and respect. Find out more and take a look at all of our available jobs here.