Why being a mortgage advisor at Barclays is different

Why being a mortgage advisor at Barclays is different

I had already worked as a mortgage advisor before joining Barclays. But being a mortgage advisor at Barclays was like nothing I’d experienced before. I wanted to share my career story to explain what makes doing the job here so different from doing it at an estate agency or broker firm.

When I graduated from Northampton University I was looking for a job near my family’s home in Derby, but there were no available positions there.  I started looking in London and found a position of mortgage advisor trainee programme in Chiswick where I would get my CeMap training. It also offered the opportunity to work alongside trained mortgage advisors, who offered advice to the company’s customers.

I was there for five years, gained my professional training and learnt a lot about sales, contacting clients, making evaluations and the broker business. It was after then that I decided to join Barclays, taking a job with them in London’s West End.

The biggest difference between working at Barclays and working for an independent firm is the amount of information that you need to know.

As an independent mortgage broker or an advisor who works in an estate agency, you need to have a broad idea of what is going on at all the high street banks and other lenders. Each of them has different guidelines and terms, so it means keeping track of quite a lot of information and doing research into many options.

When you work at Barclays, you can become an expert in their mortgage products. It enables you to speak with confidence to the customer and already know before the conversation what potential mortgages could be available. It’s a more specialised role.

Another reason that I chose to apply for a job at Barclays was because of the career progression and training that they offered. At many smaller organisations and independent companies there isn’t the same kind of structure in place, and it can be hard to move your career forwards.

At Barclays, as long as you are driven and passionate then you can go wherever you want to go. Since I’ve been here I’ve already made a great step forwards into my current role as a Wealth Mortgage Specialist. My expertise in Barclays products allowed me to make informed decisions about whether or not a client will be able to borrow. Now I work in a more challenging and complex environment with larger loan amounts and clients with very different needs.

Having a secure career where you can develop makes it an exciting place to work. Who knows what the next challenge will be here, but I can see myself having a lifelong job with Barclays, especially as there’s still so much potential for my career.

Working at Barclays is fast-paced. We don’t have sales targets or work on commission, which makes it easier to focus on the needs of the customer. In fact, focusing on the customer is a top priority for every member of staff at Barclays. In my previous job, the pressure was all about working towards high sales targets – and this can really change the atmosphere in the team.

My favourite part of the job is working with people and I get plenty of opportunity to do this at Barclays. It was an adjustment making the change from my previous company to here, but it has been positive and the differences highlight how glad I am to be working here.

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