Why there’s plenty of opportunities to grow at Barclays


Simon Tappin, Programme Lead

Barclays is a great career experience because we push technology first. In my opinion, we do things ahead of the other large operators and I believe we have an advantage over the small digital disruptors, which don’t have our legacy. Even though we’re a huge organisation, we can move with technological times very quickly. We can be more agile, but the best of both worlds means we have decades of technology experience behind us. So, there’s also plenty of opportunity to grow your career in more directions. It’s also very flexible – no need to sit in one skill set if you’d prefer to cross train, sample different departments and evolve as you go along.

What are some of the industry firsts Barclays has launched?
We were the first to develop a leading mobile payment app alongside a major phone brand. Also, mobile banking on your smart phone is a relatively recent phenomenon, and Barclays were incredibly fast with that as well. We brought new ideas to the table, so the central industry in the UK had to change in order to accommodate that capability for other banks. In a similar vein, Barclays has enhanced the industry with its cheque imaging technology. So nobody has to pass paper cheques around any more - you can scan and send an electronic image of a cheque and that can get cleared and paid into your account. Again, Barclays brought that to the industry and said that we had the capability and everyone else should follow it. The principle is the same in many areas of the business.  Barclays are often one step ahead in the vision, and they use that to create something tangible. I think we’re the company that develops in the direction that the whole industry is going and leads everyone else forward.

What type of person thrives at Barclays?
People who are willing, capable and looking to work hard and play hard fit in well. The work is challenging and we want people who see that as a good thing – who want to be tested in their work not do the same things every day. It can be quite a high adrenaline environment. The people who thrive here like that, adapt to it, are able to be reactive, are keen investigators of problems and love the thrill of the chase. The kind of people who do well are quite unique in some senses. It’s great if you’re ready for constant change, growth and development.