Why we’re providing digital tools in our contact centres

Why we’re providing digital tools in our contact centres

Our contact centres in Sunderland and Liverpool have seen an increase in the use of technology over the past few years. It’s all part of our exciting digital revolution intended to make lives easier not only for our customers, but also our colleagues around the UK. While our high street branches now boast tablets and Digital Eagles (colleagues who teach customers about how technology could transform their lives), some of our contact centres have benefited from the introduction of these five fantastic digital tools.

1. Wonder walls

We want to make sure that our colleagues have the space to develop their ideas and share any updates. In both Liverpool and Sunderland we have wonder walls which you can write on. These glass walls, similar to white boards, are a large canvas for group discussions that can be shared with everyone who works in the contact centre. Having such a large space means that you don’t have to limit ideas to a piece of paper.

2. Knowledge Base at your fingertips

You get fully trained in your role when you start working at Barclays, but there may still be times throughout your career when you need to double-check what you’ve learned. For colleagues in the contact centres, that information is now just a click away.

Using a programme that’s similar to a search engine, they can easily bring up relevant information whilst they are on calls. This database of Barclays information is kept up to date, so that the customer always gets the right information.

3. Plasma screens

Live news keeps everyone in the contact centres updated with events that could affect our customers’ lives. In some areas of the office, we also display social media feeds, which show positive feedback from customers, what they are talking about and the kind of questions they are asking.

4. Video booth for banking

We want to make sure that our colleagues have access to the same great banking options that our customers have in branches. That’s why we have installed a video booth in our Liverpool contact centre restaurant, enabling colleagues to speak to advisors and specialists about their personal banking needs.

5. Different ways of banking

Barclays now have three mobile banking apps: one for digital banking; one for mortgages; and Pingit, which allows easy transfer and receipt of funds. Through these apps, customers are able to call the contact centres directly. This means that our contact centre staff can deal with the request without the usual security checks, which have already been completed by the app. When the customer calls their details appear on screen which saves time.

Are you interested in working for a bank that is always innovating? Does the revolutionary world of our latest additions to the contact centres sound like it could be your perfect working environment? Then apply for some of the great roles we currently have available in Liverpool and Sunderland.