Why you should come to work at Barclays

Why you should come to work at Barclays

By Monique St Pierre

I thought that Barclays was the best place to pursue my career because I wanted somewhere where I could progress up the ladder. I like the challenge and the fact that every day is completely different. I think as long as you don’t mind doing the day to day things and then having a curveball thrown in, you’re fine. The crucial skill is being able to adapt to every customer and every situation quickly.

Every branch I’ve worked in has been really good, there’s always been a buzz – my managers are always willing to help on the day-to-day learning of things as well, so I would say it’s a brilliant place to work.

Another wonderful aspect of the job is that we know we are directly impacting on Barclays’ success. I always say that we are the engine room. Without the engine room, the rest of the company wouldn’t work, because we are the ones dealing with the face-to-face customers. Without the branch network, Barclays would be a different place.

The best part of the role is getting the buzz out of helping the customer – somebody who might come in here and be really concerned about asking for something and they then leave having had their life turned around. It might just be one simple thing you ask them and you get them in to see a Customer Adviser and their whole life changes. And I think it’s then when you can really do something to help them that they remember, rather than just cashing a cheque or paying out money.

Is there anything I would change about my role? No. I absolutely love my job. I do think we are going the right way in terms of our focus on new technology and we are doing our best. We are going into a digital era but we’ve still got the older people that don’t want to go that way and we cater to both.

We care for our customers and I think we’ve been given the ability to do what’s right for our market and our branch, so that we can adapt things to fit them rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. I think to work in an organisation that actually values your opinion is a big thing. I feel like a really valued member of the team.

If you’re keen and willing to work hard, Barclays will give you the support you need. Take a look at our latest vacancies in retail banking here.