Capital and Products

Deliver billions in financing to solve global challenges

We will continue to develop opportunities to achieve positive outcomes through the financing solutions and the products and services we provide across the diverse consumer and wholesale client segments we serve.

We will facilitate £150bna of social and environmental financing by 2025, including funding for sectors such as renewable energy, clean technology, education, affordable housing and national and supranational development institutions.

We remain committed to the green bond market as an investor and after meeting our £2bn target, we now aim to double our green bond investment to £4bnb over time.

a Total financing volume screened according to Barclays Impact Eligibility Framework (2018-2025)
b Investments in labelled Green Bonds by Barclays Treasury (no end timeframe)

Further information

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  • What can British companies learn from their more resilient American counterparts?

  • A new report offers solutions for how the energy industry can evolve to help protect water resources

  • Exploring how companies can join forces to drive growth, profitability, and sustainability

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  • Impact Series #1: sustainable investing and bond returns

    Download the report (PDF 3.6MB)

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  • To better understand consumers' views on data being used to identify vulnerable circumstances, Barclays commissioned GfK to conduct in-depth consumer research on this topic. This explored individuals' attitudes towards their bank using their data to make decisions about them, with a particular focus on vulnerability, and makes recommendations for how and when a bank should intervene to offer support to its customers. 

    Headline findings from the research include:

    • Banks have high levels of trust to treat customer data securely and responsibly;
    • There is greatest endorsement for banks contacting customers to offer support where data shows actual and clear financial detriment;
    • Views are mixed where data shows potential financial detriment or vulnerable circumstances;
    • Clear information regarding the purpose of data use is crucial, people are likely to want choice over this use of data;
    • There are clear ways in which identification of vulnerable customers could lead to intervention from banks that ultimately support customers in managing money now and in the future.

    If you have any further questions, please contact the Consumer Affairs team.

    Download the report (PDF 3MB)