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Deliver billions in financing to solve global challenges


Our commitment:

Deliver billions in financing to solve global challenges

New solutions to address global social and environmental challenges are emerging rapidly, but need access to financing to commercialise and scale. Institutional and individual investors are also increasingly taking account of sustainability factors and looking for opportunities to invest in a way that generates financial return and impact.

Banks have a crucial opportunity to help bridge the finance gap with the investment needed to commercialise and scale these solutions and support a move to a low-carbon economy, by providing finance capital for clients, including governments, businesses and supranational institutions.

At Barclays, this will allow us to explore emerging markets and the development of social and environmental solutions in partnership with our clients and stakeholders.

We will continue to facilitate access to funding solutions for areas including environmental financing, socially-beneficial infrastructure, development institutions and small business financing. We will build an impact investing proposition in our Wealth business and continue to grow our Green Bond Treasury portfolio. Executing on this commitment will underpin new sources of sustainable growth, provide financing to key solutions and enable Barclays to generate returns by acting as a key intermediary in mobilising significant flows of capital that need to grow over time.

We recognise that private and public sector actors are continuing to identify innovative solutions and develop supportive policy frameworks to enable the transition to a more sustainable global economy. We aim to work with our clients and other stakeholders to navigate these trends and deploy our intellectual capital and convening power. We will continue to support global partnerships such as the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative, Equator Principles and the Banking Environment Initiative.

Our Bank has more than 50 dedicated sector teams.

Our investment bank in turn offers comprehensive financial advisory, capital raising, financing and risk management services for corporations, governments and financial institutions worldwide. 

In numbers

$89 trillion in infrastructure investments to keep within a 2 degree Celsius temperature rise by 2030

$1 trillion investment in solar by 2030 by the Green Infrastructure Investment coalition

Source: New Climate Economy

Source: Green Infrastructure Investment Coalition

Case study

With a vision to combat climate change, Estover develops large scale biomass-fuelled power plants generating low carbon, sustainable renewable energy. A leader in the conception, design, development, engineering and management of these power plants, Estover’s challenges to a finance partner are highly varied and complex.

Utilising specific industry expertise across a wide number of teams, Barclays took the time to understand these multifaceted projects, providing specialised finance solutions and products. With one power plant in operation and another in construction, the energy that Estover and Barclays applied to the success of the projects will help power local industries and homes for many years to come.

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