Banks play a key role in connecting the providers and users of capital. Barclays recognises this role in serving society, and our success as a business has always been inextricably linked to the progress of the people, communities and businesses that we serve. As society’s expectations of businesses continue to evolve, we aim to stay ahead of those expectations. It is by focusing on our core products and services, and our relationships that we can make the greatest positive impact. We will continue to identify new opportunities to integrate these considerations into the work we do every day to help customers and clients, colleagues and society to rise.

So as we move forward into 2019, our Citizenship and Sustainability work will evolve to align with our new Purpose, and will go further towards improving the positive social and environmental impact of the business we do every day.

Our key focus area are:

Capital and Products

We will continue to develop opportunities to achieve positive outcomes through the financing solutions and the products and services we provide across the diverse consumer and wholesale client segments we serve.

We will facilitate £150bna of social and environmental financing by 2025, including funding for sectors such as renewable energy, clean technology, education, affordable housing and national and supranational development institutions.

We remain committed to the green bond market as an investor and after meeting our £2bn target, we now aim to double our green bond investment to £4bnb over time.

Skills and Employability

We will scale our partnerships with leading community organisations to address critical skills development and employability opportunities.

We aim to upskill ten millionc people over the next five years to support all generations through our LifeSkills programme, across the whole of the UK.

We will work with partners to develop programming that provides pathways into employment using a demand-led approach. We will help place 250,000d people into work through our Connect with Work partnerships across the UK, US and Asia by 2022.

Economic Growth

Barclays has been part of the fabric of the UK for over 328 years. In addition to our role in the UK as a leading employer and provider of financial services across all segments of the economy, we will also pursue targeted local economic growth initiatives working in partnership with a range of stakeholders.

We will support business growth across the UK through a range of dedicated regional and industry focused growth funds.

We will work with a range of partners to identify the opportunities to build thriving local economies and run pilot schemes in four different local economies around the UK by 2022.

Sustainable Innovation

We recognise the role of innovation in solving some of society’s most pressing challenges and the part Barclays can play in supporting new ideas to flourish, and entrepreneurs and ventures to grow and thrive.

We will support innovative business models and help to mentor over 250 high impact businesses solving social and environmental challenges through our Unreasonable Impact programme by 2022.

We will continue to support Barclays’ Social Innovation Facility (SIF) to enable colleagues to develop new products and services that allow Barclays to generate both commercial and social value.

Environmental stewardship

Banks have an important role to play in ensuring the world’s energy needs are met while helping to limit the threat that climate change poses to people and to the natural environment.

We are focused on three areas of activity at Barclays:

  • Financing the growth of renewable energy sources and proactively supporting the development of businesses aiming to solve the world’s environmental challenges;
  • Taking a responsible and sustainable approach to the necessary financing of sources of energy that are more carbon intensive or those with higher environmental impact; and
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of our own operations and supply chain throughout the world. We will reduce operational scope 1 and 2 emissions by 80% by 2025 and commit to RE100, to procure 100% of global operational energy needs from renewable sources by 2030, with an interim target of 90% by 2025. 


a Total financing volume screened according to Barclays Impact Eligibility Framework (2018-2025)

b Investments in labelled Green Bonds by Barclays Treasury (no end timeframe)

c Total number of participants (2018-2022)

d Total number of work placements across programmes and regions (2019-2022)

e Total number of participating ventures since launch (2016-2022)

f Scope 2 emissions measured according to market basis under the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (By 2025 against a 2018 baseline)