Country Snapshot

Welcome to the 2017 Barclays Country Snapshot.

This is our fifth annual report containing an overview of our tax contribution country by country. Transparency remains high on our agenda and tax continues to be an important issue for our stakeholders. Our fifth annual report contains an overview of our tax contribution country by country as well as our broader approach to tax including our UK tax strategy.

Barclays continues to make substantial tax payments across the jurisdictions in which it operates. In 2017, PwC conducted their most recent survey of the One Hundred Group which represents most of the UK’s largest groups and Barclays is in the top three largest UK taxpayers, in terms of taxes paid, for the fourth year running.

Read the full Country Snapshot report (PDF 2MB)

Published alongside the County Snapshot is a list of the main entities that Barclays operates around the world and which together contribute over 90% of the Group’s turnover. The link to this document is below.

Barclays main entities (PDF 30KB)


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