Direct environmental impacts

As a global organisation we are fully committed to minimising our operational environment impact when and wherever possible.

Our direct environmental management activities are focussed on several key areas, the most crucial being the way we use our buildings and approach to our business travel.

Following carbon savings of 39% during 2012 – 2015  (against the 2012 baseline), in June 2016 Barclays announced a further 30% carbon reduction targets (2016-2018) from energy saving initiatives, investment in renewables, travel management and portfolio optimisation.

Within the first year of the programme Barclays developed and deployed Business aligned strategies and programmes to focus on efficiency and performance optimisation of its operations. These strategies along with planned portfolio changes have seen Barclays deliver carbon savings of 15% ahead of the planned 10% target goal for 2016.

Examples of how Barclays achieved its goals include:

  • Virtual meetings Virtual meetings

    Avoiding travel through virtual meetings and use of video conferencing and audio meetings in all our locations.

  • Colleague engagement Colleague engagement

    Deploying engagement and outreach programme such as ‘switch it off’ out of hours and champions initiatives promoting best practice in sustainability.

    Promoting switch off at home and at work supporting Globally recognised events and campaigns such as Earth Hour (where 15% of our portfolio participated in switching off building lights for an hour) and World Environment Day.

  • Energy efficient assets Energy efficient assets

    Reducing energy consumption in our operations such as replacement of assets such as boilers and lighting at the end of their life with more energy efficient items.

    • Through this programme we identified specific energy and carbon savings goals for each Business area to build engagement and ownership across the business and promote operational efficiency. The programme consisted of leveraging annual building maintenance routines to upgrade equipment to more energy efficient equipment leading to improved environmental benefits. We ran LED lighting upgrades, Building Management System improvements, realigned our building set points in our properties globally and improved our data centre infrastructure through installing Computer Room Air Conditioning units and optimising our cooling as well as implementation of more energy efficient desktops
    • We ran key energy efficiency initiatives in our data centres. These initiatives included airflow and variable frequency drive projects in the USA and chiller optimisation and BMS upgrades in the UK

Our environmental performance has been recognised by a number of certifications and awards

  • We achieved a of score 87 for the environmental dimension in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) in 2016: an increase of seven points from 2014
  • Our Barclays offices in India (Pune 3, Noida 3, Chennai 4 - Level 6 & Nirlon) received Gold certification for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) recognising excellence in environmental design and performance.  Pune 2.2 (Barclays Technology Centre) & Pune 2.3 also received Platinum LEED certification, with a total of 30 recognised awards (BREEAM, LEED and USEPA Green Star) globally
  • Our Piscataway data centre has won the operational Energy Star award for the fourth year running since 2013
  • Barclays also received a bronze award for the Business Energy Challenge (BEC) which is facilitated by the Mayor of London
  • CIBSE Engineering award in 2015 for the Barclays Operational Command Centre (BOCC)
  • Internal recognition programme launched – Sustainable Buildings Programme to promote best practice globally