At Barclays we are delivering on our Shared Growth Ambition Strategy by continuing to create and grow a collection of high –performing products, services and strategic partnerships that address unmet societal needs while at the same time providing a unique commercial benefit to our customers and communities.

We have an ongoing, proactive dialogue with our stakeholders, to  shape our priorities – as well as a commitment to share updates on performance and  provide opportunities to collaborate and pursue common goals through partnerships.

All of our corporate governance practices have been brought together in one document, Corporate Governance in Barclays. This framework provides the basis for promoting the highest standards of corporate governance in Barclays.

Read more about Corporate Governance in Barclays (PDF 629KB).

Citizenship governance

Board-level accountability

The Board Reputation Committee reviews and approves Barclays overall Citizenship strategy.

The Committee considers Barclays’ reputational risk issues and exposures, conduct risk and the effectiveness of the process in place to ensure fair customer outcomes. The Board Reputation Committee also oversees Barclays' approach to customer and regulatory matters.

Executive and management oversight

The Group Risk Committee is the most senior body responsible for reviewing and monitoring the risk profile of the Group. For all material issues that have the potential to incur Reputation risk for Barclays, this Committee ultimately reports reputation issues in accordance with Barclays Reputation Risk Control Framework

The Global Citizenship Council (GCC) is a management committee comprised of senior leaders with responsibility for providing overall strategic direction and leadership of Barclays’ global Citizenship strategy, harnessing our key competencies, colleagues, innovation and resources to help meet company, customer and client needs while simultaneously delivering solutions to address key societal issues. In addition, the Council drives engagement, collaboration, consistency, scale and alignment across all business units, functions and geographies in relation to the Citizenship strategy.

We have a network of experts throughout the organisation to support, monitor and ensure the delivery of our Citizenship objectives in specific areas; for example, our Environmental Risk Management team is part of the overall risk function. A central Citizenship team works collaboratively with divisional Citizenship leaders, environmental managers, procurement professionals and specialist commercial teams across the organisation.