With nearly 16,000 companies from more than 41 countries supplying us across a broad range of products and services, our supply chain helps us deliver for all our customers, clients and colleagues. Our supply base is diverse, including start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses, businesses owned, controlled and operated by underrepresented segments of society as well as multinational corporations.

In leveraging our purchasing power across the globe to drive better societal outcomes, we apply a set of standards that define how we, and our suppliers, do business – demonstrating a set of responsible and inclusive business practices. As one of the first institutions to do so, we launched the Barclays Supplier Code of Conduct in 2013. You can find the expectations of suppliers here.

In order to do business with Barclays, suppliers must accept responsibility to be held accountable to the Barclays Supplier Code of Conduct. To reinforce our expectations, on an annual basis, suppliers must attest that they meet those standards. Once every three years, for those suppliers posing a high operational risk, our supplier assurance process requires an onsite audit to validate that the supplier is in compliance. Where suppliers fail to meet our expectations, we work to remediate gaps.

Barclays has built a body of practice within our own operations that we’re able to share with our suppliers – demonstrating that we live by the values that we espouse. Some examples of in-house expertise include:


Human Rights

  • Our approach to managing Human Rights
  • Protecting the Health and Safety of employees

For more information please take a look at our supplier portal.