Shareholder forms

Shareholder forms

Useful forms to help you manage your Barclays shareholding and update your personal details

Change of Address Form

Please remember to tell Equiniti if you move home. If you have a Shareview Portfolio, you can change your details online. If you hold 2,500 shares or fewer, you can change your address quickly and easily over the telephone using Equiniti's contact details. If you hold more than 2,500 shares, you can download this form and send your updated address details to Equiniti, together with a copy of your share certificate, Annual Sharestore Statement, or your most recent dividend confirmation/tax voucher.

Change your details online

Download the Change of Address Form (PDF 35KB)

Bank Mandate Form

It is quicker, easier and safer for your dividends to be paid directly into your bank or building society account. If you have a Shareview Portfolio access number and password, you can change your details online. Please log in and click on Change mandate . If you hold 2,500 shares or less, you can now change your bank details quickly and easily over the telephone by contacting Equiniti. If you hold more than 2,500 shares, you can download a Bank Mandate Form and return it to Equiniti.

Change your details online

Bank Mandate Form - Individual Shareholder (PDF 30KB)

Bank Mandate Form - Corporate Shareholder (PDF 33KB)

Barclays PLC Scrip Dividend Programme (the Programme) Terms and Conditions

Eligible shareholders can, if they wish, increase their shareholding in Barclays through the Programme. Shareholders who join the Programme will receive new ordinary shares in Barclays instead of a cash dividend, without incurring dealing costs or stamp duty. Before participating in the Programme, please read our Terms and Conditions.

Download the Scrip Dividend Programme Terms and Conditions (PDF 127KB)

Scrip Dividend Mandate Form

To join the Progamme, you should complete, sign and return this form and return it to Equiniti at the address on the form.

Download the Scrip Dividend Mandate Form (PDF 190KB)

Scrip Dividend Revocation Form

You may leave the Programme at any time by completing and returning this form. For a revocation to apply to the next dividend, it must be received by Equiniti by the published date.

Download the Scrip Dividend Revocation Form (PDF 190KB)

Sharestore Application Form

Download this form to join Barclays Sharestore, a convenient way to hold your shares electronically without a share certificate. Transferring your shares into Sharestore is free. Return your completed form to Equiniti.

Download the Barclays Sharestore Application Form (PDF 230KB)

Sharestore Terms and Conditions

Before opening a Sharestore account, please read our terms and conditions.

Download the Sharestore Terms and Conditions (PDF 353KB)

Stock Transfer Form

To transfer ordinary shares held by share certificate, download this form and return it to Equiniti.

Download the Stock Transfer Form (PDF 208KB)