Supporting growth in the UK

19 December 2016
Supporting growth in the UK

Barclays has published a report to illustrate the ways in which its UK businesses are contributing to the success of this country.

‘Barclays in the UK’ has been developed with an independent research partner to tell the story of the difference that Barclays is making to the UK economy and to society.

On the report, Jes Staley, Group CEO said: “I want Barclays to be an active participant in tackling some of the biggest challenges society faces today, for example in addressing long-term unemployment, driving enterprise and growth across the UK, promoting digital and financial inclusion for all, and – of course – making Brexit work for everyone.”

The report was created by collating information and data from across all of our businesses in the UK. It was then analysed by an independent economist to produce a comprehensive view of Barclays’ activity and its impact. Up and down the country Barclays colleagues are embedded in communities and are helping the UK to grow. We will be showcasing some of their stories here over the next few weeks.

Download the report (PDF 5MB)

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