Brian Buckley, a Bolder Apprentice at Barclays

Leading the way in supporting older workers

06 February 2017

Barclays is leading the way in recruiting, retaining and retraining older workers and is one of the first UK businesses to support the new government scheme 'Business Champion for Older Workers'.

The initiative, launched by Business in the Community, aims to find tangible solutions for businesses to retrain older workers and help them stay in work. The employment rate for working age adults is at a record high of almost 75%, but for people over 60, this falls to around 50%.

Barclays has long-championed the benefits of a diverse work force, developing initiatives such as our Bolder Apprenticeship programme and the Welcome Back programme to encourage individuals back into the work force.

Case study: Brian Buckley, a Bolder Apprentice

Barclays Bolder Apprenticeships launched in September 2015 and made Barclays the first UK company to extend its apprenticeship programme to over-24s. Barclays recognise that apprenticeships are a viable route into employment for everyone and age or social circumstance shouldn’t be a deciding factor.

Brian had been unemployed for some time and was beginning to think that he may not find another job. This changed when his Jobcentre advisor mentioned the apprenticeship scheme to him and booked him on. Four months into his apprenticeship, Brian has found a new sense of confidence and discovered key skills he didn’t realise he had and is excited about the future. He said: “the apprenticeship has given me a real confidence boost and a new, positive outlook on life. I now have a goal, and it’s encouraging me to go further.”

Case study: Gillian Blair, a Welcome Back graduate

The Barclays Welcome Back programme helps senior-level women who’ve taken a multi-year career break return to work. The 12-week programme helps open doors, create networks and supports individuals as they rediscover their place within work.

Gill joined Welcome Back having spent more than 10 years as a self-employed HR consultant for SMEs. The programme places individuals into a team to work on a live project that’s matched to their experience, capabilities, and aspiration. At the end Gill was asked to stay on and has now secured a full-time role on Barclays’ Structural Reform programme. 

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