2017 Interim Results

28 July 2017

Barclays has published its 2017 Interim Results.

Jes Staley, Group CEO said: “The second quarter saw us complete two critically important planks of our strategy; both of them ahead of schedule.

First, we reduced our majority shareholding in Barclays Africa Group Limited to a level which allows us to apply for regulatory deconsolidation, and we expect to achieve that in 2018. We have permission to apply proportional consolidation to our reduced shareholding, which means that our CET1 ratio stands at 13.1% today, within our end-state target range. We will realise a further c.26bps uplift resulting from the sale.

Second, we completed the accelerated rundown of our Non-Core unit to below our target of £25bn in Risk Weighted Assets, allowing us to close it 6 months early and incorporate the residual assets back into the Core.

Accomplishing both of these milestones marks an end to the restructuring of the Barclays Group, and brings forward the date when our shareholders can benefit from the full earnings power of this business.

That power is evident once again in the performance reported today. At the half year, Group profit before tax increased 13% to £2,341m. Our strong businesses, Barclays UK and Barclays International, posted attractive Returns on Tangible Equity of 20.4% - excluding the provision for PPI - and 12.4% respectively.

Our business is now radically simplified, the restructuring is complete, our capital ratio is within our end-state target range, and while we are also working to put conduct issues behind us, we can now focus on what matters most to our shareholders: improving Group returns.

We have accordingly established a new target today which is to achieve a greater than 10% Group Return on Tangible Equity over time.

Finally we will, at the full year results early next year, provide investors with an updated capital management policy for the Group.”

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