Barclays to support 25 UK Pride events

01 July 2019

As UK Pride season begins, and millions across the globe unite to celebrate, we look at how Barclays is supporting this year’s events – and the wider LGBT+ community at the bank.

Barclays has been a key Pride sponsor since 2014 and this year the bank is lending its support to over 25 events across the UK.

Jes Staley, Barclays Group CEO, commented: “I want it known that Barclays stands as an ally, committed to championing the rights of all people to live in safety, free from discrimination because our community – and our business – is stronger when we support and respect each other.” 

The bank’s support of this year’s Pride – which includes events in London, Liverpool and Newcastle – follows the announcement that Barclays was named 28th on Stonewall’s UK Workplace Equality Index for 2019, a global list which assesses businesses’ achievements with regards to progress on LGBT+ equality. 

Discussing the importance of Pride in an interview in May this year, Sue Baines, Co-Chair of Barclays’ LGBT+ Spectrum network, explained: “It’s is so much more than a march, it is very much an outlet for community engagement. 

Many of the charities involved have outreach programmes providing year-round support to LGBT+ communities and Barclays participates in that.

“I believe passionately that Barclays is trailblazing when it comes to diversity and inclusion,” she continued. 


Since getting involved with our Able to Enable and Apprentice programmes , Sarah has been removing barriers to employment for people living with HIV, and helping stars like José Luis to succeed at Barclays.


By being out and proud at work, David is building bridges with clients and partners, to help everyone feel as comfortable as he does at Barclays.

“We are doing some extraordinary things, not only by providing the right environment for colleagues, but also by trying very hard to create the right environment for our customers, to be inclusive to all, regardless of their vulnerability, whether that be ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation – or financial.

In addition to its sponsorship of Pride celebrations worldwide, Barclays has lent support to a range of significant actions aimed at furthering LGBT+ equality. Recognised as a ‘Stonewall Star Performer’ company, it has supported marriage equality bills in the UK and US, was the first bank to promote a transgender woman to the position of branch manager and began offering private medical cover for transitioning transgender colleagues before any other bank. 

Inside the bank: Barclays colleagues on inclusion

Matt Measor, Risk Analyst: “One of the main reasons I chose to join Barclays was I felt that the bank wanted me to bring my whole self, my true talent and really contribute to the organisation. I’ve done initiatives to champion diversity both within Barclays and beyond. One of my projects is the Wave network I founded at Barclays which is a network for junior LGBT+ professionals.”

Jason Quarisa, Chief of Staff, Mortgages: “The key to changing attitudes is education and awareness. We held an event for colleagues who identified as LGBT+ and parents of colleagues who identified as LGBT+, wanting to find out more information about how they can help support their children coming out, even if they didn’t work for the organisation.”