Green industry - woman in solar factory


Barclays partner with UK government to help boost green industries

07 September 2021

The Global Investment Summit will showcase the very best of the UK’s clean technologies and innovative companies and help demonstrate why the UK is a global hub for green technology and finance.

Hosted by the Prime Minister and supported by members of the Royal Family, the summit will showcase British innovation, demonstrate commitment to green industries of the future ahead of COP26, and promote UK as the best destination for foreign investment.

Barclays has an ambition to be a net zero bank by 2050 and is committed to £100bn of green financing by 2030 in line with the Government’s clean growth agenda.

Jes Staley, Group CEO, Barclays, said: “Barclays fully supports the Global Investment Summit and the Government’s ambitious drive to boost investments, jobs and growth in the UK’s green industries; as one of the first banks to set a net zero target by 2050, not only for our own operations but across our entire financing portfolio, we are accelerating that transition through the way we deploy our financing.”

Barclays is helping companies of all sizes to realise their green opportunities, from start-ups to global corporations - backing innovation in new technology, facilitating the build out of low-carbon infrastructure, and empowering clients to make critical decisions along their own journeys towards a low-carbon economy.”

Read the full press release on the gov.uk site