Hispanic Hertiage month colleagues

My Hispanic Heritage Month is about...

20 September 2022

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in the US, we asked members from our Latin Professionals Resource Group to share what this month means to them. 

My Hispanic Heritage Month is about Familia (Family)...

Hispanic Heritage for me is an opportunity to celebrate the beautiful culture and vibrant history of Latinx people in the US and be appreciative of all those who sacrificed (especially my parents) for us to have a better life. 

Carlos Salcedo, MD, Head of US Synthetics Sales

Carlos Salcedo
Patricia Borges

My Hispanic Heritage Month is about Pasión (Passion)....

HHM is a time to reflect on what being Latin means to me.  I believe that we all have unique gifts that shine in the environments we are in and that are appreciated by those around us.  I come with a set of values imprinted in me since my youth, mostly to respect everyone and a strong sense of family and connection.  These have become the bedrock for the way I operate in life.  Further it’s a time to celebrate and learn more about the diverse cultures within the Latin communities we are a part of.  

Patricia Borges, VP, CRES & Location Strategy

My Hispanic Heritage Month is about Contribución (Contribution)...

It represents a time to reflect about, celebrate and share  our Latin Culture with others, high-lighting the contributions we make at work, in our community and country.   

Adriana Arango, VP- US CDO Lead

Adriana Arango
Sofia Schmidt

My Hispanic Heritage Month is about Celebración (Celebration)...

HHM to me means celebrating the Hispanic communities that have come together outside of our home country. It means celebrating our history and the struggles we’ve overcome. And to me, it means finding the best empanada in the city on September 18th, Chile’s national holiday.

Sofia Schmidt, Analyst, Campus Recruiter

My Hispanic Heritage Month is about Valor (Courage)...

Hispanic Heritage Month is a celebration of who I am and where I come from. It’s a time to reflect on Hispanic history and the contributions we have made to US culture. I’m extremely grateful to those who came before me and paved the way for future generations to succeed.

Dan Negron, Vice President, Investment Banking

Dan Negron
Julissa Brenes

My Hispanic Heritage Month is about Comunidad (Community)...

Hispanic Heritage Month is a cultural celebration of who I am. During this month, the world learns about all the contributions, struggles and advances Hispanics have made throughout history. As a 1st-generation American, I carefully treasure the culture, values and sacrifices inherited from my beloved parents. Cultural community, enduring loyalty, and profound respect, these extraordinary things are crucial to my fundamental character, and directly attribute to growing up in a large Dominican household. As an Afro-Latina, I was taught that that I was different in a magnificent way. I am a descendant of West African, Spaniard and indigenous Taino. My favorite pastime includes sharing my Hispanic culture with family and friends with rhythmic music, delicious food, and  joyous celebrations. Being Hispanic for me consist of community, a shared history and nationality representing my ancestors “con orgullo” for Hispanic Heritage Month. 

Julissa Brenes, Analyst, Human Resources, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

My Hispanic Heritage Month is about Empatía (Empathy)...

Hispanic Heritage Month for me is about reflection and gratitude. It’s a yearly reminder of the hardships my Dad endured as young immigrant, to forge a better future for his family in this land. The sacrifices my mother made to raise my 2 brothers and I, whilst instilling sound moral values, empathy towards those less fortunate and gratitude towards the Lord for what we have each and every day. It’s a month where I devote time to teach my children of the positive impact Latinos have in the US. I am a proud Latina Woman!

Sohenny Diaz, VP, Regulatory Issues Management – Regional Lead

Sohenny Diaz
Gabriel Garcia

My Hispanic Heritage Month is about Cultura (Culture)...

This month serves as a reminder to the many cultures and traditions that are encompassed in this city. It’s a reminder of the how far we have come as a community and how important it is to preserve those tradition. Looking back is as important as looking forward when it comes to understanding oneself  and HHM is the perfect opportunity to do this.

Gabriel Garcia, Analyst, Client Service

My Hispanic Heritage Month is about Orgullo (Pride)...

Hispanic Heritage month reminds me to pause from the everyday routines to reflect on my heritage. Being Puerto Rican to me means that I come from a strong line of Taíno and African ancestors. The island of Puerto Rico is filled with beauty, love, music, community, innovation, and pride – I carry this with me in all that I do in my personal life and at work. The month also allows for moments to share with others all of the contributions our people have made here in the USA and around the world. 

Gloria Walker, Regional Workplace Experience Manager

Gloria Walker
Gustavo Abreu

My Hispanic Heritage Month is about Integridad (Integrity)...

This month is very special to me because it offers an important opportunity to reflect and share the rich history, culture, influence and integration of Latinx people around the world.

Gustavo Abreu, Director, Head of Front Office Risk and Controls Technology

My Hispanic Heritage Month is about Perseverancia (Perseverance)...

Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate and recognize the achievements of Hispanic Americans. Personally, my parents and I left our immediate family in order to journey through the US and contribute to another home.  I will always be grateful to them for their courage to forge ahead in a new country and providing me with an opportunity.  Gracias, mis queirdos papis.

Paula Diaz, AVP, GTIS Workplace & Collaboration

Paula Diaz
Diana Rodriguez

My Hispanic Heritage Month is about Raíces (Roots)...

HHM is a time to reflect and celebrate the history, cultures, contributions  and accomplishments made by the various Hispanic communities in the U.S. For me as a Puerto Rican it is a time to reflect on my Taino roots and the beauty of the Island of Puerto Rico. It is a time to show how our people have influenced and contributed to the American Society.

Diana Rodriguez, Vice President Securities Settlements U.S.

My Hispanic Heritage Month is about Trascender (Transcend)...

It means a month to honor our roots and come together as a community to celebrate the richness of our culture and recognize our contributions to the US.

Laura Gonzalez, Analyst, Prime Services

Laura Gonzalez