Money on your mind? Talk to Barclays Money Mentors®

28 September 2019
  • Barclays launches free and impartial mentoring service, designed to help answer financial questions and clear up money concerns
  • Barclays Money Mentors service is open to everyone, not just Barclays customers
  • The personalised 45-minute mentoring sessions can be booked online, to take place in branch, by video and over the phone

Barclays has today announced the launch of a new service, which provides Brits with independent guidance to help them understand and achieve their money goals, no matter how big or small. Available nationwide, people can now book a free Money Mentors session for the opportunity to ask a team of experts any money-related questions playing on their minds.

Barclays Money Mentors has been developed in consultation with our millennial customers who said they wanted a more open forum to talk through their everyday money concerns as well as longer term aspirations and financial goals. However, it is open to anyone who wants to feel more in control of their day-to-day finances or talk about future goals, no matter who they bank with.

The service provides access to a team of Barclays specialists who have received additional training in financial coaching. They are there to help people sort the money matters playing on their mind, whether it’s designing a budget that helps reach goals that matter, finding out - and improving - credit scores, or working out how to stop living pay day to pay day.

Jo Harris, Head of Barclays Money Mentors said: “Talking about money isn’t easy, and we know that younger generations, in particular, really want to own their finances but find it incredibly difficult to know where to start.

The Barclays Money Mentors service is a great place to begin unpacking those tough topics and learn more about how to stay in control of your money. Our Money Mentor service will be operating across the country, with colleagues fully trained to provide financial guidance, and are ready to tackle any money-related question that comes their way.”

Both Barclays customers and non-customers are able to book an appointment with the Money Mentors team through the dedicated website, barclays.co.uk/money-mentors/. Sessions last around 45-minutes and can take place face-to-face in branches across the UK, by video or on the telephone. What you discuss in a Money Mentors session is completely confidential, and the guidance given is wholly impartial, no matter who you bank with, or how big or small your questions are.