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Written in the stars: Does your star sign have an impact on your financial world?

  • 10.2 million Brits will be looking to the stars for guidance after a year of uncertainty*
  • Almost a third (32 per cent) believe the power of the planets have some impact on their financial world
  • Aquarians would seem to be the most confident money managers whilst Cancerians are the sign wanting to use this year to master money management
  • Barclays has asked astrologer, Francesca Oddie, to reveal what your star sign could say about your spending and saving habits
  • Dr Peter Brooks, Chief Behavioural Scientist at Barclays, shares practical tips to leave you feeling ‘over the moon’ with your financial situation

25th February 2021: As the nation seeks clarity after a truly unpredictable 12 months, new research reveals that 10.2 million Brits are engaging with astrological forecasts, with 32 per cent checking their horoscope at least once a month. The majority (55 per cent) of those who read their weekly horoscopes admit that they’ve used that to influence a decision about their finances.

With almost a third of Brits (32 per cent) believing the power of the planets has some impact on their financial world, Barclays has worked with astrologer, Francesca Oddie to give people the opportunity to see if they think their money management style reflects the traits of their star signs.

Research showed that when it comes to the health of their wealth, Aquarians - who are associated with being assertive and analytical - are the most confident, with the majority (66 per cent) feeling in control of their money management and 42 per cent also saying they feel happy with their money managing skills. By comparison, Sagittarians feel most out of touch with their finances and avoid looking at them, while Leos are the happiest about their financial situation.

Similarly, it is Aquarians who are the proudest of their saving abilities with almost two thirds (65 per cent) saying the diligence needed to build those savings up comes naturally to them. This compares to 31 per cent of Cancerians who admit that their emotional nature can sometimes mean they’re tempted by the latest deal.

But with that temptation comes determination as 59 per cent of Brits are hoping to gain more control over their finances in 2021. In particular, Cancerians are the ones most set to make 2021 the year that they master money management (65 per cent), followed closely by Sagittarians (64 per cent). Yet for Virgos – who are often defined by their reliability and patience - it seems that determination has already been working in their favour as 68 per cent are most likely to meet the financial goals they set for themselves.

Dr Pete Brooks, Chief Behavioural Scientist, at Barclays
, said: “Everyone has a personal relationship with money and no two people’s financial worlds are the same. Whether it’s everyday saving and spending habits you want to adopt and stick to, or bigger goals you aspire to reach, Barclays has a range of tools and services designed to educate and empower people to take control of their finances.”

Astrologer, Francesca Oddie, shares her star money horoscopes:

21st March - 21st April

The first sign of the zodiac likes to get things moving. Aries like to invest in themselves, create businesses, take a few calculated risks and enjoy trying new ways to keep their finances flowing. Aries wants to take charge and are independent minded, often preferring an entrepreneurial approach to work their way up the professional ladder; and the same thing applies to their investment strategies. Aries moves faster than most people and feels impatient when weighed down by those who are less enthusiastic about risk. Natural entrepreneurs who are comfortable with jumping and trying things before everyone else, Aries has the “early bird catches the worm” approach to life. Ruled by Mars, they are high energy and quick to act on tips and advice. Excellent sales people, Aries understands that money moves through your life as quickly as you are willing to move it. Life doesn’t happen to Aries, they make it happen and that attitude applies to everything they do.

21st April - 21st May

Taurus is one of the most abundant signs of the zodiac. Notoriously stubborn, Taurus is reliably bullish on a life of luxury. The sign most associated with money, those of us with planets in Taurus know how to earn, save, spend and generate wealth. Calm and patient, Taurus understands how to invest and they also have a level headed and steady approach to life so will not panic buy or sell during market fluctuations. Taurus is pragmatic, security focussed but also likes to enjoy ‘the good life’. Those of us with planets in Taurus would buy one very expensive item over 10 mid-range items, as they understand and have great respect for quality over quantity. Sound investments would be the earth’s natural resources; Taurus is an earth sign that is fixed in quality so finite commodities like Gold and Silver are classic investments that they can hold in their hands.

21st May - 21st June

Gemini is a mutable sign that is concerned with ideas and change. Gemini is intelligent and has many varied interests, which could lead to them spending money on lots of different ideas and people. They might like to invest a small amount in stocks, another pot in an easy access ISA in case they change their mind. They might also spend their money on books, cars, transportation, education, courses, language courses and in improving and exercising their mind. A Gemini is full of wit and knows that their brilliance is their greatest asset. The ability to stay flexible will be of utmost importance to them. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and has a quicksilver approach to life, so they may hoover up details of the investment opportunities or possibly hand over all investment opportunities to their accountant so that they are free to pursue other interests - that will depend on all the features of their birth chart.

21st June - 22nd July

Cancer is ruled by the moon and loves to feel secure, which is why Cancerians are the ones most set on making 2021 the year that they master money management. Their property home and family will be their number one motivation when considering their investments. Whether it’s buying a house for themselves or paying off their parent’s mortgage, secure investments with limited risk exposure make sense for people with planets in Cancer. That being said, Cancer is not absolutely risk averse; security is a priority so a healthy pension that makes them feel safe will be top of the agenda. Spending habits will of course involve their children, family, food, home and diet. The moon, a cyclical “planet” also rules our fashion cycles, and with 31 percent of Cancerians admitting that their emotional nature means they’re often tempted by the latest deals, those of us with planets here who might engage in a little “retail therapy” when they are feeling emotionally in need of a pick me up.

22nd July - 23rd August

Leo is a natural leader, charismatic, and they give their energy and wealth freely as part of their identity. The Sun is the planet that rules Leo so they love to shine, give and generate energy, making them fantastic business people. Leos are the mentors and creators who love to build people up and share their wealth and experience with others. Leo understands abundance and like their fellow fixed sign Taurus, prefers quality over quantity. Leo will spend on their business, they will invest in themselves, their staff, their equipment and their people. This includes indulging in the finest threads, expensive jewellery, quality haircuts and opulent home furnishings. Their investment strategy would be rooted in experience and based on the advice of someone they consider to be the best.

23rd August - 23rd September

Virgo is frugal and savvy, the ultimate bargain hunter. Virgos do one food shop each week and stick to their allocated budget. Virgo relishes in detail and they keep their eyes on the pennies (and perhaps watch as the pounds go flying by their head), which is why 68 per cent of Virgos said that they often meet the money goals they set for themselves. A sign that naturally worries, they can sometimes miss the bigger picture and would avoid speculative investments, preferring to keep their money where they can see it and know it is safe. Virgo is an earth sign that likes to be in control of everything. Diet and health are highly valuable to a Virgo, so their gym subscription will always be part of the monthly budget, nothing will ever be purchased before it goes into the end of season sale and their gifts would rarely be described as lavish. Virgo is thrifty, they can make a little go a long way, they fully understand the concept of saving for a rainy day. They don’t waste time or money, but they might miss the big investment opportunity whilst they are trying so hard to stay in control and only trust what they consider to be reliable. The frugal field mouse always has reserves in winter. Virgo is eternally savvy, humble and not interested in anything ostentatious.

23rd September -23rd October

Venus rules two signs; Taurus and Libra. However, Libra is an air sign and less concerned with the material world, far more concerned with ideas, charm and aesthetics. Libra will spend their money on matching outfits, cosmetics items and on the people they love. Libra is the sign of the partner, so they may let someone else manage their finances entirely, whether it’s their business partner, lover or investment manager. Libra will spend money on art, culture, legal matters, education to become cultured, cosmetics. A monthly subscription to ensure fresh flowers are delivered to their home, interior decoration magazines, expensive perfumes, museum subscriptions and luxury scented candles could all be something that Libra spends on.

23rd October - 22nd November

Scorpio is the master at detail and control, a forensic sign who understands energy, financial rhythms and the power of wealth. Ruled by Pluto, the God of the underworld who holds dominion over all the riches of the earth, Scorpio possesses the same depth of power and understanding. Scorpio understands what is worth investing in and they have innate power to encourage others to invest in them. Their need for control means they know where all their money is kept and could resent spending it. A fixed sign, the constellation in the sky opposite Taurus, Scorpio will usually be financially savvy and they have an understanding for what might work. Scorpio is connected to joint investments, joint accounts, insurance schemes and anything where “other people’s money” is involved. Scorpio is not a frivolous sign, far too astute and interested in depth the hidden truth to spend their money on anything that might lose its value. Masters of timing with patience as enduring as their Taurus counterparts, Scorpio is the master of investing, knowing when to sell and trusting their instincts. For this reason they perhaps would not give too much financial control away and want to have total control of all of their assets.

22nd November - 21st December

Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is the luckiest and most optimistic sign of the zodiac. This generous sign will benefit from tips, belief, support and benevolence from others - apart from time to time when their luck runs out. Sagittarius is a natural gambler; they have faith that life will deliver and, therefore, they spend on whatever they want, whenever they want it. Travel, books, courses, ideas, souvenirs and gifts. Just like fellow fire sign Leo, there is a generosity of spirit to Sagittarius that extends to everyone they meet. The downfall of Sagittarius is assuming that everything will be OK and spending with the continued belief that the money tree will continually provide. This could leave them with big credit card bills from time to time and a string of debts that they need to pay off. When it comes to investing, Sagittarius may be interested in holding more than one currency. Due to their unrelenting optimism, they will usually dust themselves off and find another opportunity that will work and help them sort out their mess. Their love of freedom means they can get themselves into some sticky situations that were rooted in idealistic dreams that were oversold. However, every networking marketing structure has its success story and that’s the big vision that Sagittarius chases.

21st December - 21st January

The ultimate professional who does everything by the book and is immensely money focussed. Those of us with planets in Capricorn join professions, start adding to our pension when we land our first job and always think ahead. Saturn is the planet that rules Capricorn and he is often referred to as “Lord of Karma, or the Lord of time.” Capricorns understand timing, patience and that investing is a long game. They are incredibly security focussed and they prefer to stick to traditional investments, as advised by a finance professional and seek-out qualified, reliable, tried and tested methods of saving. Capricorn will purchase quality items that look, feel and are expensive. An element of status and desire to be at the top fuels Capricorn decisions and whether that’s the biggest house, the best dress or the most quality holiday company. On the frugal side, but with a goal in mind to have a healthy, wealthy and safe retirement, where they can look after their family without worry. Capricorn plays a long game and is most linked to traditional finance.

21st January - 20th February

Aquarius, like the other air signs Gemini and Libra, are far less interested in practicalities and more interested in ideas, innovations, new ways of handling their finances - with 66 per cent feeling in control of their money management. Truly entrepreneurial, Aquarius is more interested in getting an idea to work than getting an idea to be profitable. Finances are someone else's problem (frequently those of a business partner or accountant.) They might speculate in crypto currencies, cutting edge science projects or donate money to someone’s crowdfunding project. For Aquarius, connecting with other people and the advancement of humanity is their fundamental interest. They could spend money on their unusual hobbies, travel, technology and always have the latest phone on the market. Aquarius values freedom and may not be overly concerned with owning a house and burdens of mortgages and debts. Aquarius doesn’t want to feel trapped or have to waste time considering something that doesn’t fascinate them. If finance fascinates them, then they will become experts in the field, if not, they will probably manage their whole life without ever having any interest in planning ahead and ensuring their security.

20th February - 21st March

Pisces is a water sign and synonymous with the artists, musicians, yogis and creatives of this world. Not usually associated with people who have brilliant financial wisdom, their talents and ability to pursue dreams and succeed is not to be overlooked. Pisces is a water sign that is connected to feelings over practicalities but they can follow their instincts and put their money into brilliant projects. With planets in Pisces we might invest in things that make us feel good, holidays, art, passion project business ideas or simply in being generous and always buying the round. The material world doesn’t interest them, so Pisces trusts the universe to always provide. But Pisces is also the sign of the victim who gives up when their emotions get too much and choses the escape route.

Whether you believe they are aligned to the stars or not, being aware of your natural tendencies and personality traits can help devise a successful financial plan that makes money work for you.

With this in mind, Dr Peter Brooks, Chief Behavioural Scientist at Barclays, shares some practical tips to help people who want to put their finances in front of the telescope:

1. Take control: We can all end up feeling like our money controls us rather than us controlling our money. A great exercise is to take a look at your account and use the spending features in your app to see how much of your money is going on different categories. When you see this brought to life, it may well be you decide you want to change some of your habits that were draining your bank balance more that you realised! If you are naturally more of a saver, you might find that there are things you really enjoy that you might want to spend a little more on.

2. Talk about it: Although some people might find it tricky to open up, it can be really helpful to talk about your situation with money and to get other people’s perspectives. Whether it’s with your partner, family, friends, or going to speak to someone impartial like a Barclays Money Mentor, starting to talk about money is the first step to getting more control and feeling more positive about your plans.

3. Turn off temptation: If you find that you often hit buy on something on a bit of a whim, it’s time to take time to think about that purchasing decision. Leaving as little as half an hour from seeing something, to committing to buying it can give you that opportunity to step back and think, do I really want or need this? You can also use tools such as ‘turn off remote spending’ to stop yourself being able to buy in the tap of a button, or set yourself spending limits if you want that extra control.

4. Stow away your savings: People tend to be much better at saving windfalls of money rather than making saving part of their regular budgeting. But getting a windfall doesn’t have to mean winning the lottery. Why not move any refunds you receive, or money you save from saying no to temptation, or the cost of subscriptions you cancel straight over to separate savings pot where you can keep it ready for a rainy day, or keep growing it towards a future goal.

5. Set future goals: Don’t be afraid to future gaze and start thinking what you might want a year, or even 10 down the line. Once you know what your goals are, you can start taking steps towards achieving them. Tools like Barclays Savings Goals can be a really helpful way to separate the money out for your goals and help you work out what you need to save on a daily or monthly basis to reach your target. You can also use the app to set up standing orders on pay day, so a sum of money goes directly to your savings account the moment you get paid - meaning that you won’t notice it’s gone.

For those wanting advice on managing their finances and keeping in control of their spending outside of what their horoscope suggests, Barclays has a range of tools available to help support your money management. This includes Barclays Money Mentors which is a service that is available to all, not just Barclays customers that offers free, impartial guidance on spending or saving money as well as helping people clear up money concerns. Anyone looking to shape up their finances can also try taking part in a Barclays Money Workout. There are six free workouts to choose from and you can track your progress through the website.

To find out more, visit: www.barclays.co.uk


* Extrapolation based on a UK adult population of 52.4m per ONS statistics collated in August 2019.