Brits set to spend over £1bn* on repairing and replacing tech post-lockdown

Brits set to spend over £1bn* on repairing and replacing tech post-lockdown

22 June 2021
  • The average Brit now has almost £2,000 worth of tech in their home - a 51 per cent increase since the start of the pandemic
  • This period of restrictions and lockdowns has provided a welcome reduction in loss of devices as well as breakages for items such as phones, tablets and laptops
  • But this could all be set to change with the country opening up again as Brits make their way back to some key device danger zones – public transport (25 per cent), pubs (23 per cent), shops (15 per cent) and gigs (14 per cent)
  • Barclays has relaunched its Tech Pack to keep tech safe and make fixing or replacing it easy and hassle free

22 June 2021: With lockdown set to end this summer and the UK slowly re-opening, new Barclays research reveals outdoor activities and a bumper summer of sports could cost Brits more than £1 billion* in replacing or repairing personal electronic items.

Research shows the average Brit has doubled the amount of tech they own during the pandemic and now has £1.78k worth of tech. However, while restrictions have kept not only Brits, but their new laptops, phones, tablets and other gadgets safe from harm, as the world opens up that could be set to change.

Public transport (25 per cent), pubs (23 per cent) and shops (15 per cent) were pinpointed as the most popular places people have typically found their electronics in danger, with smashed phone screens (30 per cent), other hardware damage (22 per cent) and losing their gadget (20 per cent) being the most common tech ailments.

To lend a hand, Barclays has relaunched its Tech Pack insurance to include new features and services designed to keep your tech safe and make fixing or replacing it as easy and hassle free as possible.

For £14.50 a month, the new Tech Pack offers household cover for up to four mobile phones and unlimited gadgets, including Smartwatches and tablets. It also has three types of excess**, so you pay less for smaller, more common incidents - such as a repair for broken screens. If you are unlucky enough to suffer a break then, and, depending on the problem, Wefix repair vans will come directly to your home and fix your device on the spot, if they’re available in your area.

David Kelly, Head of Insurance at Barclays, said: “With a lot of Brits re-adapting to life as we emerge from lockdown, it’s inevitable that some accidents will occur, especially after a year living at a different pace. Although 65 per cent of us recognise there is increased risk of breaking or losing our gadgets whilst out and about enjoying activities such as BBQs and pub trips, we don’t always take precautions in advance. Tech Pack offers households a fantastic way to enjoy these events with complete peace of mind, knowing your e-reader, smartphone, tablet or portable gaming device will be protected if you need it - leaving you to enjoy a well-deserved summer of fun.”

The pack also comes with access to 24/7 online support for anyone who has issues with their tech, from help with setup to troubleshooting problems. This will come in handy for almost half of the population (49 per cent) who have experienced issues with their technology over the last 12 months.

For the people who need some assistance setting up the gadgets they own - a quarter (25 per cent) turn to the internet or social media for guidance and more than a fifth (21 per cent) ask relatives or friends for help. However, for those wanting more support in getting the most out of digital and building their skills and confidence, the Barclays Digital Eagles are also here to help. They run free virtual sessions across the UK, showing people how to best get to grips with the different tech they own.

Ross Martin, Head of Learning for the Barclays Digital Eagles, shares his top tips on how best to keep your tech safe:

  1. Keep your tech covered: Invest in quality protective cases and screen covers for all of your devices. This can help minimise any damage from inevitable bumps and bruises your tech gets over time.
  2. Stay cool: Avoid exposing any of your devices to extreme temperatures - no gadgets like hot or very cold conditions! Be mindful not to leave any of your tech outside in extreme heat or cold weather so you don’t cause any unnecessary damage
  3. Store in a safe place: Choose a safe place to keep and store your devices in your home when not in use. This way, you avoid the frustration of forgetting where you have left your devices, and can feel reassured they have been stored somewhere away from harm.
  4. Charge effectively – It’s important to always use chargers and accessories from genuine technology suppliers. Using alternative, unofficial chargers may harm your devices or reduce the lifespan of your tech.
  5. Stay protected – For peace of mind, consider getting tech insurance for your gadgets and devices to protect against theft, loss or damage. The Barclays Tech Pack, gives household cover of unlimited gadgets and up to four mobile phones, making sure you and your family are well protected.

To find out more about Barclays Tech Pack, visit: www.barclays.co.uk/insurance/gadget-and-mobile-phone-insurance/tech-pack/tech-pack/


For more information about Barclays Digital Eagles, visit: www.barclays.co.uk/digital-confidence/eagles/



*32% surveyed said they expect to spend money replacing or repairing technology this year. 32% of the UK population who own a smartphone in 2020 (19,651,200 based on there being 61.41 million people who own a smartphone in the UK according to Statista) multiplied by the average cost Brits are set to spend for the rest of the year on fixing tech (£86.81) equals £1,705,920,672.

The research was conducted by Censuswide with 2,016 general consumers nat rep between 07.06.21 to 09.06.21. Censuswide abide by and employ members of the Market Research Society which is based on the ESOMAR principles.

** There are 3 excess levels:

  • £29 for mobile phone screen repairs
  • £49 for other mobile phone and gadget repairs
  • £99 for replacements

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