Barclays supports its UK customer-facing and junior support staff with salary increase

30 June 2022

Barclays has announced a pay increase for 35,000 of its UK-based staff in customer-facing, branch and junior support roles. Effective 1 August 2022, they will receive a £1,200 increase to their annual pensionable salary. This increase brings forward part of the annual pay review that would normally have come into effect in March next year. 

Barclays will continue to monitor the economic situation globally and consider our approach to pay in each country in the local context. Barclays’ annual pay review for all staff will take place in the near future, effective from March 2023. 

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Notes to Editors

As Barclays continues to develop products and services to serve the changing needs of our customers and clients, especially in digitised consumer finance, it is currently looking to hire over 1,100 roles in the UK. Please go to Barclays Careers for details.