UK complaints data

Our priority is to deliver excellent service every time a customer interacts with us. However, when we do make a mistake, we make every effort to try and rectify it as quickly as possible so that it doesn’t happen again in the future.

Our approach

This site provides an overview of the number of reportable complaints Barclays has received since 2010 and highlights how we are continuing to drive down complaints by improving the overall experience our customers and clients have.

What We Publish

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), requires financial services firms to report on the number of reportable customer complaints they receive every six months.

From 30 June 2016, the FCA introduced changes to what and how firms are required to report complaints:

  • Previously the FCA did not require firms to report complaints that were resolved before close of business on the following day. For example we would not report a complaint received on Tuesday if we agreed a resolution with the customer by the end of Wednesday. Now firms are required to report all complaints, regardless of when they are resolved. This will mean that our complaint volumes will look higher than they did in previous years
  • Previously we were required to report total volumes under each category of complaint.  Now the FCA has asked us to also show these figures in context of the number of accounts. 

We believe that the effect of these changes will increase the visibility of all complaints across the industry, help improve transparency and rebuild trust in financial services firms. The changes will also help customers to compare firms on a more equal basis.