Supporting our COVID-19 Charity Partners


Barclays' COVID-19 Community Aid Package in action

Barclays launched a £100m COVID-19 Community Aid Package to support charities working in the communities hardest hit by the pandemic. We speak to some of the people around the world who are being helped.


Case studies

Acumen America: “Rebuilding a system that works for all Americans”

We hear from Barclays’ non-profit partner investing in entrepreneurs that are finding innovative ways to help those worst-hit by COVID-19.

Partnerships like these are going to move our communities toward greater inclusivity

Catherine Casey Nanda

Director of Acumen America

Barclays’ support allows us to get food where it's needed. It has also raised the profile of what we do.

Lindsay Boswell

CEO, FareShare

FareShare: “Barclays’ support allows us to get food where it's needed”

How food charity FareShare is tackling hunger across the UK during the pandemic, with support from Barclays’ £100m COVID-19 Community Aid Package.

Family Action: “Giving people really focused support and then letting them fly”

Families experiencing poverty, disadvantage and social isolation are being disproportionately affected by the pandemic. Find out how Family Action is helping them.

Our aim is to really look for the strengths in individuals and families. It's not about breeding dependency, it's about giving people really focused support and then letting them fly

David Holmes CBE

Chief Executive of Family Action

Barclays’ COVID-19 support for Hot Bread Kitchen has had an enormous impact on the lives of women, entrepreneurs, and their families who lost their employment or had their income reduced due to the pandemic

Shaolee Sen

CEO of Hot Bread Kitchen

Hot Bread Kitchen: “Our community is using the funds to keep food on the table”

We talk to the New York non-profit supporting women in the food industry – and backing small food businesses through the pandemic

Marie Curie: “We’re there for anybody affected by terminal illness”

How the UK charity is supporting terminally ill people and their families during the pandemic – with help from Barclays.

We've recruited and trained a large number of volunteers to help us and I'm really proud that we can deliver – we couldn't do that without the support of places like Barclays

Matt Williams

Head of Information and Support, Marie Curie

The connection is not just about a donor-recipient relationship – it reaches beyond that, as a partnership for a common cause

Mohammed Asif,

Executive Director of Plan India

Plan India: “Every person that we reach out to has a story of both distress and resilience”

Thousands of families in India have lost their income since the start of the pandemic. Find out how Plan’s on-the-ground response is helping them to survive.

Robin Hood: “Coronavirus shines a bright light on the challenges in our systems

We talk to New York’s largest poverty-fighting organisation about the impact of the pandemic.

When there's a crisis, it is vulnerable people who are most affected. We've certainly seen that with coronavirus

Lindsey Sheskey

Managing Director, Development, Robin Hood

That dynamic of being far from home and not being able to support their families has created a big emotional challenge. They smile all the time, but the things they go through – they are more resilient than anyone I know

Michael Cheah

Executive Director of HealthServe

HealthServe: “This pandemic has taken everyone by surprise”

How the Singapore charity is supporting migrant workers with food and shelter – with help from Barclays.