Across Barclays’ Asia Pacific offices, specialised programmes have been developed and employees engaged to help people gain employment and businesses get the skilled talent they need to grow

We know that unemployment and underemployment are global issues and continue to be felt in our local communities across the Asia Pacific region.

Our programmes are designed to better match and prepare young people for their transition from school to work, enabling individuals to get their first jobs.

Our main programme in Asia, Barclays LifeSkills, aims to equip young people with soft skills alongside qualifications to gain traction among employers and ease their transition into the world of work. We have partnered with non-profits in the region to make a deeper impact in our communities.

Case Studies

  • Be Better

    Shanghai Better Education Development Center (Be Better) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to children and young people. The organisation works closely with individuals from disadvantaged families and rural areas across China, to equip them with essential employability and life skills to secure a job upon their graduation from college.

    Song Junli, one of the students who graduated from the Barclays LifeSkills programme conducted by Be Better used to be unemployed, working in vulnerable work conditions earning RMB2,200 (less than GBP300) on a 12-hour shift and only two off days a month. Upon graduation from the programme, Junli was equipped with the vocational and soft skills that helped place her in stable employment as a child care nurse, working regular hours and earning twice the income she used to receive.

    When asked about her future, Junli gives a confident smile in reply: “With the new knowledge and my hard work, my future will surely be better!”

  • NASSCOM Foundation

    Barclays work in partnership with Nasscom Foundation-Global Talent Track (NF-GTT) in India in an employability programme to reach out to young people in colleges, engineering institutes and other campuses to provide them with soft skills training through the Barclays LifeSkills online portal.

    The training equips and prepares the young people for their transition from school to work, giving them an added advantage when applying for jobs and eventually gaining employment.

    In 2016 alone, this partnership has trained close to 70,000 young people with many successfully securing jobs after the training.

    Anupama Nair was one of the graduates from the NF-GTT employability programme supported by Barclays. She used to struggle with public speaking despite her academic achievement in Engineering making it difficult for her to express herself well in interviews. Through the LifeSkills training, she was equipped with proper techniques and skills helping her to overcome her fear of speaking in front of a crowd and was able to ace her interview, securing a job with Amazon India.

    In Anupama’s words: "After the Barclays LifeSkills training, my confidence has increased and on the basis of this training was able to crack my interview. This is a great platform and I am thankful to NF-GTT and Barclays.  I have already recommended the programme to all my juniors in the college to attend, without fail."