Running a responsible business

We are committed to responsible delivery of our products and services, governed by our code of conduct, fair treatment of our customers and strict adherence to all relevant legislation and regulation.


Data privacy and security

We know how important our customers’ and clients’ data is to them, and we have robust policies that govern how we manage it. We also ensure employees only have ‘need to know’ access to personal data, and ensure strict controls on third-party suppliers’ access to our data. All Barclays businesses and functions are required to comply with our Group-wide Privacy Policy and Global Privacy Standard.



It is important that Barclays maintains a culture where anyone feels they can speak up if they see our high standards are not being met. Barclays is pleased that a significant majority of our employees feel it is safe to do so.


Responsible lending

We believe that transparency of information in our products and services is key to empowering consumers to make good financial decisions. We carefully consider the requirements of all our stakeholders during the development of products and services. This includes a commitment to accessibility and inclusion, giving customers the ability to take control of their finances in a manner convenient to them and the promotion of financial capability.


Financial crime

Barclays recognises that economic crimes have an adverse effect on individuals and communities wherever they occur. We are committed to conducting our global activities with integrity and respecting regulatory, ethical and social responsibilities to protect customers, employees, and others with whom we do business; and support governments, regulators and law enforcement in wider economic crime prevention.

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IT resilience

As our organisation becomes more digital, technology plays an increasingly important role in how we deliver for our customers and clients. The stability and resilience of our systems has a direct impact on the quality of our service. We make significant investments in our infrastructure to guard against risk ranging from large scale data corruption, to hacking and third-party failure.

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Our 2020 ESG Report

ESG 2019 report

Barclays recognises that the focus on the societal impact of businesses and performance on wider Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors has increased in recent years, with growing interest from a range of stakeholders including investors, clients, policy makers and regulators.

ESG resource hub

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