Our climate dashboard

Our BlueTrack dashboard shows our ‘carbon limit’ by sector, and tracks our financed emissions against that benchmark.

The dashboard will be updated in line with our annual reporting in the first quarter of each year, alongside the information we publish under the guidelines of the Taskforce on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures. This year, we also added an additional update when we announced our 2030 reduction targets for Energy, Power, Cement and Steel.

Our 2025 reduction targets for for the Energy and Power sectors are1:

  • Energy: -15% in absolute CO2 emissions (2020 emissions baseline of 75 MtCO2)
  • Power: -30% in CO2 intensity (2020 baseline of 321 KgCO2/MWh)Our 2030 reduction targets for the Energy, Power, Cement and Steel sectors are: 
  • Energy: -40% in absolute CO2e emissions (2020 emissions baseline of 78.5 MtCO2e). This target includes an update in our methodology to include methane emissions alongside CO2.
  • Power: -50% to -69% in CO2 intensity (2020 baseline of 320 kgCO2/MWh)
  • Cement: -20% to -26% in CO2e intensity (2021 baseline of 0.620 MtCO2e/Mt)
  • Steel: -20% to -40% in CO2e intensity (2021 baseline of 1.926 MtCO2e/Mt)

Our own operations

Our clients' activity

Our green financing commitment

Our methodology and the data on which it draws are continuously improving; any changes to metrics as a result of methodology changes or new information that lead to materially different outcomes may result in metrics being restated. As company disclosures continue to improve, we are hopeful that this data will become sufficiently robust to play a much greater role in the calculation of BlueTrack™ metrics.