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100x100 Programme: local support for UK communities

As part of Barclays’ COVID-19 Community Aid Package, we launched the 100x100 UK COVID-19 Community Relief Fund – or 100x100 Programme – to get support right into the heart of local communities across the UK to reach those that need it.

Through our 100x100 Programme, we invited UK charities to apply for one of 100 donations of £100,000 to support vital COVID-19 relief work in local communities. This first round of funding focused upon the immediate needs of people. From procuring PPE to keep as many people safe as possible, to providing essential food to isolated and elderly people, help was tailored to local needs.

We were so inspired by the scale of the response that we expanded the programme to help more charities. The charities who were selected for the second round of funding focused on one or more of four key areas of need;

  • help for people experiencing physical and mental health issues;
  • financial assistance for people facing financial hardship;
  • support for ethnically diverse communities disproportionately impacted by the crisis; and
  • enhancing digital accessibility.

We’ve now reached 250 charities across the UK to deliver vital support where it’s needed most.

100x100 charity partners

From financial grants to families in need, to support for women fleeing domestic abuse and meals for homeless people – read how our 100x100 charity partners are making a difference in their local communities. 


Bawso is a Welsh charity that offers practical and emotional support to black minority ethnic (BME) and migrant victims of abuse, violence and exploitation. Since launching in 1995, the organisation has been working to end all forms of Violence Against Women including domestic abuse, human trafficking, female genital mutilation and forced marriage.

In the past year, the charity has worked with over 7,500 people across Wales. Their work involves providing refuge accommodation for families, supporting them in living independeptly in the community, and equipping women with assertive skills to enable them to protect themselves and their children from further abuse.

The grant provided by Barclays will allow the organisation to continue helping vulnerable families to meet basic needs and protect themselves against COVID-19. The charity is also distributing food parcels, PPE, and medical care to homegoing children.

Ladling soup out of a large pot

Bethany Christian Trust

Bethany Christian Trust is a national charity whose mission is to relieve the suffering and meet the long term needs of homeless and vulnerable people in Scotland. Last year, they commenced 4 new services and their work aided 7,000 people through the provision of services oriented around homelessness prevention, crisis intervention and housing.

The charity directly accommodates 200 people nightly and assists hundreds more in their own tenancies and communities. The charity’s hard work results in positive holistic outcomes for beneficiaries across their education, employment, mental health and social networks.

Barclays’ donation will allow the charity to fund 12,000 emergency packs which include food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and activities aimed at children for 3,000 vulnerable households throughout Scotland, providing vital provisions to over 5,000 people who have been most impacted by the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Break changes young lives by enabling young people to move on from their abusive and challenging pasts and into a positive and bright future. The charity has seven mainstream children’s homes across Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, all of which were established as somewhere safe that young people can call home, with adults who love, care, and look out for them.

In order to bridge the emerging educational gap caused by COVID-19, Barclays’ support will help to create therapeutic educational programmes that will enable young people to cope emotionally, whilst building their skills and confidence. The programme will involve online confidence-boosting activities, and the use of fun, engaging problem-solving tools to promote the development of key skills. The hope is that these activities will gently encourage beneficiaries to continue learning outside the traditional classroom in alternative ways.

young people laughing
child in a wheelchair interacting with an adult

Burnley FC in the Community

Burnley FC in the Community focuses on supporting, inspiring and delivering change across Burnley, Pendle, Rossendale, the Ribble Valley and West Yorkshire. The charity looks to work with communities and provide support through five themes: sport, education, health, social inclusion, and community facilities. Over the last year, they have had a huge impact, with their work enabling 33,000 individuals participate in activities, including 4,231 Premier League Primary Stars sessions delivered across 48 venues.

The support from Barclays is helping young people receive one-to- one remote support that will aid them to improve their inter-personal skills and confidence at a time when young people need help more than ever.

Canine Partners for Independence

Nationwide charity Canine Partners has been transforming the lives of people with physical disabilities by partnering them with assistance dogs. These life-changing dogs have been offering psychological and social benefits including increased independence, confidence, social interaction and self-esteem. For more than 25 years, the charity has been helping people gain greater independence and quality of life by offering security, companionship, and practical help with daily activities.

The pandemic has caused financial hardships for a number of the charity’s clients and the organisation is drawing on Barclays’ support to distribute financial aid for those who can no longer afford to pay for their dog’s needs and crucial ongoing aftercare.

man in wheelchair with dog
child with sensory equipment

Caudwell Children

Caudwell Children vision is to see a world where all disabled children and their families have choice, opportunity, dignity and understanding. The organisation works with at-risk people across the country, and operates under their motto that they will do ‘Whatever It Takes’ to fulfil their goal. Established in 2000, they have come to be recognised as one of the largest voluntary providers of specialist equipment in the UK, and is regarded as one of the fastest growing children’s charities.

As the pandemic has caused people to shift onto virtual platforms, Barclays’ funding will support the charity in facilitating 12 much-needed psycho-social interactions, with online integrated care from their Occupational Therapist and Family Support team. The donation will also be spent on the Get Sensory Relief packs which includes 7 specialist sensory equipment items.

Crossroads Care Oxfordshire 

For over 25 years, Crossroads Care Oxfordshire have been giving relief to care-givers by providing trained care workers that can share the challenge of giving care to people with physical or mental health needs in the community. The charity has provided over 9,000 hours of direct care support in the past 12 months, and as a result, has given carers the equivalent number of hours of respite from the demands of giving full time care.

The support from Barclays is enabling Crossroads Care Oxfordshire to continue improving the individual wellbeing of their clients by providing weekly supportive telephone calls; the charity is also establishing a benefit fund that is available to care workers who lost work during the worst months of the pandemic.

child in a wheelchair interacting with an adult
girl in wheelchair

Disability Direct

Disability Direct’s mission is to facilitate independent living opportunities for disabled people. The organisation launched in 1993 and has grown into one of the biggest user-led organisations in the East Midlands. For almost thirty years, Disability Direct has been providing information and advice to elderly, disabled people, carers and families primarily in Derby and across the country.

In the last 25 years, they have offered a variety of free services to those in need and has attended to 100,000 enquires. To support their work, Barclays’ funding will enable the organisation to cover vital expenses such as essential bills for their Enabled Centre and costs for daily activities.


As one of the UK’s largest charity network fighting hunger and food waste, FareShare saves good food from going to waste by redistributing it to frontline charities. Last year, FareShare’s food reached almost 2,000 towns and cities across the UK, feeding more than 900,000 people. Their work provided more than £14 million worth of savings to the UK voluntary sector, enabling vital services to reinvest resources back into their frontline work for their communities.

In total, 26,000 tonnes of good food was redistributed across the country, providing nutritious meals to some of the most vulnerable in society, including people suffering from poverty, disadvantage, homelessness or addiction, children from low income households and elderly people at risk of isolation.

FareShare’s greatest challenge now is to ensure they have the resource in place to respond to the long-term economic hardship and food deprivation resulting from COVID-19. Barclays’ support will help to increase the charity’s food sourcing budget so it can continue providing vital food relief across the UK.

people serving at soup kitchen

Finchale Training College

Established in 1939, Finchale Group helps those needing a little extra support to get on in life and to achieve their full potential. The charity provides holistic support to those who have been excluded from school, veterans and the wider community.

The last twelve months has seen Finchale start to implement a new strategy to secure the future of the charity, including working with young people permanently excluded from school and delivering alternative education pathways. They are also developing apprenticeships and different vocational training, and the charity works with the armed forces community as well as delivering mental health initiatives alongside vocational training and outdoor activities.

This support from Barclays is being channelled towards reducing social isolation and improving the mental and physical health of some of the most vulnerable families in County Durham. This is being done by enabling families to connect digitally to others and by offering a range of virtual activities, counselling and learning opportunities.

trainers holding hands in a circle
trainer with other person

Good Things Foundation

Good Things Foundation believes that digital solutions can help solve social challenges. Their flagship digital inclusion programme, Future Digital Inclusion, is funded by the Department for Education and has helped over 1 million people to improve their lives through delivering social inclusion.

COVID-19 has shown that digital exclusion is a public emergency and the charity believes collaboration, at pace, is needed so that more people can be connected and supported during and after lockdown. Good Things Foundation is part of a partner campaign, DevicesDotNow, that seeks to provide devices, connectivity, and local support during this pandemic.

Barclays’ support will help the foundation to fill gaps in regions where it has identified high levels of need not yet being met, such as Wales, North East, Plymouth, Midlands and London. The donation will enable the purchase of 500 tablets and laptops, each installed with 3 months of connectivity on pre-paid sims. This will help at-risk households to access essential services, connect with others and learn digital skills, improving their confidence and enabling fuller participation in a post-lockdown society. 

The Greggs Foundation

Nationwide charity, The Greggs Foundation is located in Newcastle Upon Tyne and affiliated with Greggs plc. For over 25 years, the charity has been working to fulfil their mission of ‘making a difference to local communities in need. The organisation supports those in need by offering their five main grant programmes, north east core funding grant, local community projects fund grant, environmental grant, hardship fund grants and breakfast clubs. In the past 12 months, the charity awarded over £350,000 in emergency funding to schools, local charities and community groups to reduce the impact of COVID-19.

To enable to continue making a difference to the community, Barclays’ funding will go towards distributing small emergency grants. This will help enhance the work that they currently doing in providing with white goods, food parcels, clothing and many more.

trainers holding hands in a circle
young adults looking at laptop

Groundwork Trust 

Founded in Yorkshire, Groundwork was set up to help communities cope with change, and use enterprise and innovation to improve lives and neighbourhoods.

Through thousands of diverse, locally-led projects, the charity’s activity focuses on issues ranging from tackling climate change to helping people out of fuel poverty.
The pandemic has created hardships across the region, and this support from

Barclays will enable Groundwork to expand their provision of financial advice and support through their Green Doctor programme, to areas where they are currently not able to serve. There is greater demand for this service than before the pandemic as they have seen a rise in vulnerable people on low incomes struggling to access support with energy advice.

Heel and Toe Children's Charity 

Heel and Toe Children's Charity helps young people with profound physical and neurological disabilities in the North East. The charity encourages children to live active, fulfilling, and independent lives through the provision of free therapy.

Before the start of lockdown, Children and young people aged between three months and 25 utilised the charity’s services which were led by highly qualified specialist paediatric therapists every week. This ranged from conductive education, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, massage therapy, hydrotherapy and occupational therapy.

Barclays’ support is helping the charity provide a lifeline to 300 children, young people and their families, who currently have nowhere else to turn during the pandemic. The provision of the charity’s services is crucial, funding will allow them to adapt and offer their one-to-one scheduled remote therapy sessions to vulnerable children and families in the comfort of their own homes via video link technology.

young child with downs syndrome and female adult
Women in  mask in front of window

Lakeland Community Care 

Fermanagh-based Lakeland Community Care Limited’s mission is to improve the health and well-being of those most vulnerable and in need in the community, through the provision of domiciliary and day centre care services and a range of community support and engagement services.

Since March 2020, LCC have been working on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19 and are actively designing new ways to engage with isolated individuals. Barclays’ support will fund a project to provide immediate COVID-related support to older people isolating at home, by providing hot meals and social engagement resource packs.

London Early Years Foundation

The London Early Years Foundation (LEYF) has the ambition of ‘changing the world one child at a time’ by offering the highest quality Early Years education. They support children at 39 nurseries across 12 London boroughs, disproportionately located in underprivileged areas.

Barclays’ support has enabled LEYF to launch its ‘Doubling Down’ programme in response to children arriving at nursery ‘hungry, anxious and developmentally delayed’. The programme offers a daily hot meal and free additional hours, doubling the Government-funded hours of Early childhood education and care (ECEC) for its most vulnerable children from 15 to 30 hours per week.

Barclays’ funding has helped provide a lifeline to 40 children and their families during the pandemic at a time when extra support was needed most.

Woman playing with children.

The National Brain Appeal  

The National Brain Appeal raises funds to advance treatment and research at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery and the UCL Institute of Neurology. Since being established in 1984, the organisation has been offering pioneering research, access to the best technology for expert diagnosis and treatment, and training for future clinicians.

Barclays’ support will help cover the costs for programme delivery and legal advice staff. Funding will also contribute to the organisations’ non-staff project costs: legal advice regarding new online discussion forum, essential IT equipment, and other essential software to aid research and collaboration.

brain scan
people sat round in a circle on chairs

Pompey in the Community 

Pompey in the Community is an independent charity partnered with Portsmouth Football Club, that aims to inspire, support and deliver positive change and equality of opportunity to young people and adults at risk. The charity invests £1.5 million into communities within the city and neighbouring area to support vulnerable and marginalised people, and their programmes are facilitated as after school clubs at 52 different schools in Hampshire, West Sussex and the Isle of Wight.

Over the past 12 months, Pompey in the Community achieved the English Football League Community Club of the Year 2019 award, having delivered 31 separate projects and worked with over 34,500 individuals. As 7,000 individuals continue to participate in Pompey in the Community’s programmes every week, Barclays’ support will help the charity to continue to provide essential supplies and care packages.

Scotland Autism

Scottish Autism was founded in 1968 and has become a leading authority and advocate for good autism practice. The charity is the largest provider of autism-specific services helping those diagnosed with autism to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives. With over 900 staff working across the country, they aim to share their knowledge and expertise to ensure that autistic people receive the best care from parents, carers and other professionals. They offer a diverse range of services including education, day and vocational opportunities, supported living, outreach, and respite and specialist transition support.

Scotland Autism is drawing on Barclays’ support to deliver on their commitment to enabling autistic people to live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives by moving coaching and counselling services online.


mother and child in bedroom
nurse with child

Starlight Children’s Foundation

Nationwide charity Starlight exists to support children and young people across the UK who are living with a serious, life-limiting illness; reaching around 1.3 million children in the 2018/19 with 4,000 Distraction Boxes, 1,963 Boost Boxes, 166 story-telling and pantomime performances, and granting 641 wishes. A Starlight Boost Box is filled with toys, games and arts and crafts for medical staff to give to patients who are in need of comforting, distracting or cheering up, whilst Starlight Distraction Boxes are portable toolkits filled with a variety of toys, games and puzzles providing healthcare professionals with items to distract a child whilst medical procedures are undertaken.

Barclays’ support is enabling the charity to work with hospitals and hospices in areas of deprivation to provide a suite of services including boost boxes, distraction boxes and In-patient entertainment to children in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Staying Put

For over two decades, Staying Put has helped women, men and children who have survived domestic abuse and sexual violence in Bradford – assisting them to speak out and seek help. The voice of survivors is at the heart of everything the organisation does - protecting, preventing and providing invaluable support to victims. The charity’s effective services at a time of crisis help victims to gain access to increased safety options and informed choices.

In October 2019, the charity launched their new association named Bradford Survive & Thrive in partnership with charities Family Action and WomenCentre. This serves to transform services for victims including early intervention and prevention, specialist work with children and young people, and access to high quality crisis support and accommodation.

Barclays’ support will be used to achieve the charity’s objective of increasing dispersed accommodation and to enable the charity to have the ability to move residents into new housing.

mother and child in bedroom
doctor with patient in bed

St Barnabas Hospice, Lincolnshire

In Lincolnshire, St Barnabas Hospice works to ensure individuals facing end of life receive dignified, compassionate care when they require it and when they ask for it. The hospice has supported more than 80,000 people with high quality palliative care over the last three decades. Due to COVID-19, the charity opened a bereavement helpline to continue their work in the community throughout lockdown by offering a listening ear, and basic advice to anyone who feels unable to cope.

Barclays’ support will help the charity to continue offering their much valued care by bringing an innovative proposal to life, through supplying their eight county wide teams with iPads for secluded, terminally ill patients who have no digital facilities. Alongside equipping their wellbeing services, iPads will be installed in the charity’s In-patient unit so that families can reach and communicate with their loved ones in their final days during these uncertain times.

St Margaret’s Hospice Care

Based in Somerset, St Margaret's Hospice has been operating for 40 years providing high quality, responsive and compassionate care to patients experiencing life-limiting illnesses. Over the past year, they have supported 4,800 terminally-ill patients, family members and carers in their homes, in-patient unit, and through outpatient services. Their medical expertise, nursing skills and specialist support services has been valuable in aiding 583 adults and 160 children who have lost loved ones through physical, emotional and spiritual care.

This charity has been one of the first hospices nationally to harness technology to improve collaboration, knowledge sharing and training to advance end-of life experiences. This support from Barclays will enable them to continue caring for dying people shielding from COVID-19 at home. During this unprecedented time, the charity’s 24 hour adviceline is vital in helping patients, carers, and other healthcare professionals reduce the isolation, fear and anxiety among their patients.

older man in hospital bed
older man in hospital bed

Street League

Recognised as one of the UK’s leading sport for employment charity, Street League has been working to tackle youth unemployment across the UK. Through the ‘power of sport’, the organisation has transformed the lives of young people aged between 16-24 by delivering sport for employment programmes in 38 local communities. Since launching in 2010, the charity has helped young people learn key skills, and gain qualifications and work experience for education and employment. Over the past year, 2,814 young people started programmes with over 1,250 progressing into jobs, education and further training.

The charity has continued to provide support throughout the pandemic, and Barclays’ donation allows Street League to continue supporting young people. The funding will be used to cover their distribution costs, staff training, and additional kits.

St Richard’s Hospice

For St Richard’s Hospice, caring has been at the heart of everything they do since launching in 1984. Situated in Worcester, the charity’s purpose is to care for adults with a serious progressive illness, improving their quality of life from diagnosis, during treatment and to their last days. Each year, St Richard Hospice provides free, expert care and support for over 3,400 patients, their loved ones and the bereaved during this difficult time.

Barclays’ support will aid the Hospice in ensuring that each patients’ homes have access to internet and video service, and increase bandwidth of Wi-Fi connection to cope with increased demand. Further equipment will also be purchased with the funding to support remote Clinical Staff working from home and in the office.

hospice patient with nurse
teenager in wheelchair baking with adult

Teens Unite Fighting Cancer

Teens Unite Fighting Cancer supports young people fighting cancer to live their best life, while others search for a cure. The charity’s team ensure that young people fighting cancer during the pandemic can remain connected and support each other.

At a time where the charity is not able to fulfil their primary activities as a result of the pandemic, and time when young people isolated by cancer are further isolated, Teens Unite Fighting Cancer has launched new digital meet ups for their beneficiaries to access. The donation will cover the licencing costs for the online platform, the cost of professional services as well as the costs of materials and their postage for the ’meet and make’ type activities.

Transforming Lives for Good (TLG)

TLG is situated in East Midlands and supports disadvantaged and excluded young people at crisis points in their education. The organisation is determined to see the lives of struggling children transformed. Their Make Lunch clubs allowed 24,425 meals to be served to children and families during the school holidays last year. Furthermore, the provision of educational support has proven to benefit young people who participated, with 91% of them exceeding their predicated grades in English and Maths.

Barclays’ support will go towards creating emergency care packages, volunteer project implementation support costs and recruiting new centres. Donations will also help the charity to provide 40,000 meals for young people at school. If COVID-19 continues to impact freedom of movement, TLG is also aiming to ensure that clubs have access to procedures, resources and are able to record outputs with the adaptation of their online website and app.

young people sat round in group
homeless amn with young child

The Wallich

Welsh charity, The Wallich has three main objectives: getting people off the streets; keeping people off the streets; and creating opportunities for people. The organisation views the importance for people to feel safe, to feel valued and to feel positive about their future. The Wallich’s Building Opportunities Skills and Success (BOSS) programme continues to help people with an offending backgrounds.

 Last year, they provided 356 referrals throughout the year, made180 individuals feel that they had improved security and control over their lives, and saw 62 participants secure employment. The organisation also offered 500 bed spaces and delivered 71 projects in 18 Welsh local authorities to help combat homelessness. This was with the support of the 128 clients that volunteered 3,930 hours of their time to support the charity’s projects.

 To keep vital services operating throughout the pandemic, Barclays’ support will help recruit emergency staff and purchase appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for the charity’s team.

Women’s Technology Training Limited 

Established in 1983, Women’s Technology Training Ltd (WTECH) provides education and training for vulnerable and BAME women from acutely disadvantaged backgrounds in inner city Liverpool. Over the last 12 months, the charity has helped 1,000 learners from 47 nations, from the poorest Wards in Liverpool, complete Entry Level 3 to Level 4 qualifications with an 85% success rate. Of these learners, 35% moved into employment and 40% progressed onto higher programmes; resulting in increased employability, improved household income levels and improved quality of lives for families.

Due to the pandemic, all education delivery is now remote and will continue to be available online during normal class times for learner activities, assessment and achievement. WTECH is also maintaining contact to support and combat social isolation but the charity is no longer able to provide the interventions to combat immediate issues of declining mental health due to a loss of contract income and trading income. As a result, these funds will support a more rigorous and vitally needed counselling and wellness function.

young women in a classroom
young people similing and talking standing up

Young Gloucestershire

Established over 25 years ago, Young Gloucestershire aims to increase the confidence, motivation and skillset of young people. A youth-work approach is at the heart of everything they do, especially building relationships with young people to understand their needs and help improve their lives.

The charity works with the vulnerable individuals between ages 11-25 that have experienced disruptive homes, or caring for a family member or coping with a mental health issue. So far, the organisation has supported over 1,800 disadvantaged young people to create opportunities that educate, inform and inspire.

Barclays’ support will be valuable in aiding the organisation to scale up their new Crisis Youth Work programme. This will give scope for them to assist the most vulnerable in Gloucester and allow them to respond to urgent requests from communities in the rural areas of the county such as the Forest of Dean and Cotswolds.