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We believe that everyone deserves the financial independence, security and opportunity that comes with a job. A vibrant, skilled workforce ensures that local communities and businesses can thrive.

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Barclays LifeSkills – Unlocking skills and employment opportunities

Last year, Barclays celebrated 10 years of positive impact through the LifeSkills programme – read about its support for communities and future approach in the new UK report.

A decade of support

Barclays is proud of the positive impact that LifeSkills has made over the past 10 years – helping millions of people develop the vital employability and financial skills they need to succeed at work, thrive in the digital age and better manage their money – and supporting hundreds of thousands more people around the world get into work.

With social inequalities continuing to rise, there is more to do to support underserved communities – which is why Barclays is putting socio-economic inclusion at the heart of the LifeSkills programme to give more help to those people that would otherwise get left behind.

Working in partnership

LifeSkills is built on the foundations of partnership and collaboration – with respected charities, the education sector, the business community and Barclays colleagues, who give their time, skills and expertise to volunteer to help others. 

Partnering with leading educators and UK charities – like Family Action, Street League and The Talent Foundry – Barclays is working to support families, young people and young adults to thrive, now and in future.

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Family Action

A new three-year partnership with Family Action will help thousands of people unlock their potential by gaining the skills and confidence to enhance their employability, enabling their families to thrive.

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Street League

In partnership with Street League, sport is being used to engage young people to help them overcome the barriers they face to get into work, through 1:1 coaching and employability sessions.

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The Talent Foundry

Working with The Talent Foundry, young people in schools in underserved communities will receive LifeSkills support at least four times to give them vital confidence, skills and knowledge.

Barclays is proud to deliver LifeSkills in the UK in partnership with:

Blueprint for All

Breaking Barriers

Business in the Community

Catch 22

Family Action

SEO London

Street League



Smallwood Trust

Teach First

The Jersey Employment Trust

The London Community Foundation


The Prince’s Trust

The Talent Foundry

The Trussell Trust


About the programme

Developing the skills and confidence to succeed

LifeSkills provides free lesson plans, modules and interactive tools for educators to use directly with young people in education and adult learners. It also supports independent learners and families by offering access to online tools and resources. Explore the LifeSkills website.

Overcoming barriers into work

LifeSkills is also delivered with charity partners to support underserved communities in breaking down barriers to get into work, to thrive in the digital age and to better manage their money. The programme is helping people to develop the skills, connections and opportunities that can help set them on a new trajectory.



LifeSkills in action

See how LifeSkills is unlocking skills and employment opportunities.

Inspiring young people

Helping educators support young people to develop their skills and choose their career.

Connecting employers with talent

Supporting people around the world who face barriers getting into work by providing tailored skills training and connecting them to businesses that are recruiting.