Our framework, code and rules

Our framework, code and rules

The UK Corporate Governance Code (Code)

As a company listed on the London Stock Exchange, Barclays PLC applies the principles and provisions of the Code. A copy of the Code can be found at frc.org.uk. For the year ended 31 December 2021, and as at the date of this report, we are pleased to confirm that Barclays PLC has complied in full with the requirements of the Code.

Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rules

By virtue of the information included in this Governance section of the Annual Report, we comply with the corporate governance statement requirements of the FCA’s DTRs. Certain additional information that is required to be disclosed pursuant to DTR7.2.6 can be found on pages 156 to 161 of the Annual Report.

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

Barclays is permitted by NYSE rules to follow UK corporate governance practices instead of those applied in the US. However, any significant variations must be explained in Barclays’ Form 20-F filing, which can be accessed from the Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR database or on our website. 

Compliance with the Capital Requirements Directive – Governance

Section 4.3A.11R of the Prudential Regulation Authority’s manual, Senior Management Arrangements, Systems and Controls (“SYSC”), requires us to explain on our website how we comply with the requirements of SYSC 4.3A.1R to SYSC 4.3A.3R and SYSC 4.3A.4R to SYSC 4.3A.11R (governance arrangements).

Our explanation of how we meet these requirements is set out in our Corporate Governance at Barclays Statement of Compliance with the Capital Requirements Directive. Details of the Matters Reserved to the Board, Board Committees’ terms of reference and our Board Diversity Policy can be found on our website. Further relevant details may also be found in our 2021 Annual Report and Accounts and in our Directors’ biographies, all of which may be found on our website.

Raising Concerns 

Barclays is committed to providing a respectful and inclusive environment to work in, and encourages you to speak up and raise concerns about the actions and behaviours which have no place at Barclays. Concerns could relate to a number of things, including a breach in our security, inappropriate conduct, financial crime, harassment, health, safety or environmental risks. You can speak up and raise concerns simply by emailing us at Raising.Concerns@barclayscorp.com. Should you wish to make a customer complaint, please visit: https://www.barclays.co.uk/help/making-a-complaint/how-do-i-make-a-complaint-/

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