SEction 172 statements

Section 172 statements

Section 172 of the Companies Act 2006 sets out a number of general duties that directors owe to a company. These includes a general duty requiring directors to act in a way in which they consider, in good faith, will promote the success of the company for the benefit of shareholders as a whole.

New statutory reporting requirements mean that certain companies within the Barclays Group (public and private UK companies, including subsidiary companies, which qualify as “large companies” under the Companies Act 2006) need to include a statement in the Strategic Report within their Annual Report to help shareholders better understand and explain how directors have had regard to the matters set out in section 172(1).

These section 172(1) statements for qualifying subsidiary companies within the Barclays Group are available below:


PDF Download

Ardencroft Investments Limited Download (PDF 112KB)
Barafor Limited Download (PDF 91KB)

Barclays Bank UK PLC

Download (PDF 530KB)

Barclays Bank PLC

Download (PDF 569KB)
Barclays Capital Finance Limited Download (PDF 82KB)

Barclays Capital Securities Limited

Download (PDF 369KB) 

Barclays Execution Services Limited

Download (PDF 232KB)

Barclays Insurance Services Company Limited

Download (PDF 99KB)

Barclays Investment Solutions Limited

Document (PDF 347KB)

Barclaycard Funding PLC

Download (PDF 157KB)

B.P.B. (Holdings) Limited

Download (PDF 74KB)

Cobalt Investments Limited Download (PDF 81KB)
DMW Reality Limited Download (PDF 328KB)
Eagle Financial and Leasing Services (UK) Limited Download (PDF 357KB)

Equity Value Investments No.1 Limited

Download (PDF 97KB)

Equity Value Investments No.2 Limited

Download (PDF 96KB)

Foltus Investments Limited

Download (PDF 97KB)

Gracechurch Card Programme Funding PLC

Download (PDF 165KB)

Heraldglen Limited

Download (PDF 91KB)

Menlo Investments Limited Download (PDF 98KB)

The Logic Group Enterprises Limited

Download (PDF 97KB)

Naxos Investments Limited Download (PDF 98KB)

The Logic Group Holdings Limited

Download (PDF 196KB)