Michael Oliver, Barclays with Sachin Tammewar, partner, Central Dales Limited

Barclays back new owners for Hawes business

22 January 2018

Central Dales Limited today announced new owners for the pharmacy business at Hawes with funding from Barclays.

Located at the Market Place in the North Yorkshire town of Hawes, the new owners of the Central Dales Pharmacy are three friends who met at university whilst they were training. Entrepreneurs Sachin Tammewar, Yashwanth Kumar Koorakula and Anshul Saini plan to work a day a week at the pharmacy with a permanent pharmacist running the operations full time.

Sachin Tammewar, Partner, Central Dales Limited said: “Sourcing a quality pharmacy in the right place is challenging and so we were delighted to find the site in Hawes which is perfect for expansion. We plan to modernize the premises and increase the stock lines – hopefully attracting more customers and growing the business.”

Michael Oliver, Barclays Business Banking Manager, put together the funding package for the deal and said: “It’s so rewarding working with entrepreneurs to build their business and achieve their ambitions. The partners for this new opportunity all work in the pharmaceutical industry and have a wealth of experience to grow the pharmacy and provide an important facility for the local community.”

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