Richard Williams with Barclays Agriculture Manager, Kath Whitrow

Crofty Growers Ltd combining technology with animal welfare

15 April 2018

Crofty Growers Ltd has invested £2,400,000 supported by Barclays to develop a poultry farm near Monmouth utilising the latest technology and animal welfare standards. Incorporating the latest green technology, the site is committed to delivering the lowest possible environmental footprint, using a biomass boiler and solar panels to heat and power the units.

The business is owned by Richard Williams and the site is already a member of the “400 club” a recognition of outstanding standards within the poultry industry and achieved by under 1% of the global poultry industry.

Richard Williams, owner of Crofty Growers Ltd said “We house around 160,000 at any one time across the site and produce 7.5 crops per year. The bespoke build from scratch has allowed us to deliver the highest standards of animal welfare and incorporate the latest technology. Birds can be monitored via our cutting-edge CCTV and if required changes can be made to the computer controlling the environment of the buildings, However this technology is just another tool to aid the stockmanship of the on-site farm manager. With full traceability and the highest standards of care we ensure that every bird achieves the UK Red Tractor standard.

Kath Whitrow, Barclays Agricultural Manager, said “Barclays agriculture is committed to using our industry expertise and specialists to support such propositions, which are vital to a prosperous economy. By working closely with our customer Barclays has been able to provide innovative solutions to support Crofty Growers both financially and professionally throughout the development. Investment in the new premises demonstrates both Barclays and Richard’s confidence in the potential growth and success of the business. Richard has a passion for animal welfare and quality food production which I’m sure will shine through his new venture.”

Richard Williams continues “It is important that we support the UK food production industry and encourage more, home grown producers. As part of the build we have installed a viewing window to provide full transparency and support our education project whereby we will be inviting local children to the farm to understand the importance of food production.

Running a business is tough as the responsibility for the expansion and success of the business can sometimes weigh heavy, but the flexibility to make those decisions and the feeling of satisfaction from developing a bespoke purpose built poultry farm, from the very foundations, makes it all worthwhile.”

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