Dynamic Working

Our commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace doesn’t simply mean following a rigid set of guidelines. It means developing innovative initiatives that have the potential to transform workplace culture at Barclays, and everywhere.

Dynamic Working is new way of thinking about and approaching working arrangements: a flexible working model that empowers individual colleagues. Launched globally in 2015, 63% of our colleagues reported working dynamically in 2018. What’s more, our engagement survey Your View found that their sustainable engagement is 83% – five points higher than our overall score – and they also report higher levels of productivity, job satisfaction and brand loyalty. Dynamic Working is working: for individuals, for business, and crucially , for the clients and communities we serve.

Our colleagues work dynamically in all kinds of ways, and for all kinds of reasons. See just some of them in this video.


Download and read our report for insights into what Dynamic Working is, how we are making it an integral part of life at Barclays, and why it is so important to us. We also share tools and guidance for implementing Dynamic Working in your organisation to leverage a range of benefits.

Download the 2019 Dynamic Working report (PDF 1.7MB)

Solutions that benefit everyone

Across Barclays, colleagues are choosing Dynamic Working to achieve a better work/life balance – and it’s benefiting business, too. Here are just a few stories from real colleagues.

Amanda Potter

Teaching Greek mythology, completing my PhD and being a Research Fellow, all because of Dynamic Working

“Having a flexible approach to the working day helps me to manage my work, research and Citizenship commitments.”

Mark Young

Dynamic Working allowed me to provide the necessary practical and emotional support to my daughter through her GCSEs

“I’m a proud father, who thankfully got a career break to support my daughter at a pivotal time as she was approaching her exams.”

Yvonne Morris

Dynamic Working to de-stress and get organised with my step-dad’s care

“Now I work four days a week, with Wednesdays off. I can take my time and organise things properly, instead of trying to squeeze it into my lunch hour.”

Michael Stevens

Dynamic Working helped me lose eight stone, and helped my daughter pursue her football passion

“A doctor told me that by losing the weight I had probably added 20 years back onto my life… Had it not been for Barclays allowing me to spend time with my daughter to play football I might not have changed my lifestyle.”

Sharon Davies

Dynamic Working provided me the opportunity to take a career break

“As a breast cancer survivor, taking a break allowed me to continue to heal.”

Shazia Choudary

Dynamic Working allowed me to observe Ramadan and keep up with my family commitments

“As a direct result of my flexible arrangements at work, I was able to enjoy an adequate amount of rest and still be productive at work.”