Supplier diversity and inclusion

Supplier Diversity & Inclusion

Our aim is to do business with the most innovative, responsible, cost-competitive diverse suppliers – wherever in the world we do business.

As a leading global financial institution, we understand the significance of entrepreneurship in building prosperous communities.

At Barclays, our contribution to that process goes beyond providing the financial utility needed to achieve those ends – we also provide access to our supply chain for those entrepreneurs ready to compete for our business.

Barclays Global Supplier Diversity uses best practices in supplier diversity from across the world to shape our global strategy. Our mission is to do business with the best, for-profit, diverse entrepreneurs in the world who are diverse in size, ownership (i.e. gender, race, ethnicity, socio-economic, sexual orientation, military veteran, people with disabilities) and mission such as social enterprises. We aim to ensure that our procurement process remains transparent, objective and non-discriminatory in the selection of suppliers.

We are collaborating with our prime suppliers, local governments, non-governmental organisations, thought-leaders, capital providers, business incubators and others, across entrepreneurial ecosystems, to assist Barclays in becoming a leading institution in global supplier diversity.

At Barclays, supplier diversity is one of many examples of Citizenship. We also believe it’s good for our business.

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To submit an application to join the Barclays Supplier Marketplace, please visit barclays.cvmsolutions.com